The can be both considered as high-involvement products: the

The sample in this study was selectedwithin Hochiminh City. Although findings of this study could be contribute tomarketing research in national level by comparing how consumers in HCMC behavedifferently compared with other groups, such implications will not bediscussed.                   The dependent variable – brand loyalty- is multidimensional which means it is constructed from various components,such as satisfaction, trust, reliability.

This study only emphasizes on therelationship between sales promotions and brand loyalty; therefore, those componentswill not be investigated in depth. The two products categories chosen inthis study are restricted to two products which are seen as basic products,affordable and easily bought.                                    The purpose of this study is toexplore the relationship between non-price and price promotions with brandloyalty; however, it must be noted that this study will not involve long-termsales promotions such as loyalty programs (membership). These types can beeither price or non-price promotions; hence, they need to be investigateddifferently. Assumptions Besides types of promotions, theimpact of product involvement on consumer will also be investigated.

The levelof personal relevance of the product to consumers is considered as productinvolvement. In other words, involvement is the result of the interaction ofconsumers with products. 1For example, a car or a bottle ofperfume can be both considered as high-involvement products: the car isassociated with high perceived financial risk, while perfume is perceived highsocial risk”. Product categories chosen for the study are assumed to showdifferent degrees of involvement. Regarding the methodology, it isassumed that involvement, and utilitarian/hedonic benefits are reliablevariables to measure their effect on brand loyalty.

It also assumes that allinterviewees frankly answer the survey questions; the statistical software andanalysis methods applied were appropriate.