The article says that “With an estimated 26.4 deaths

The Connection of Contraceptives in Today’s World: Hi everyone! In one part of Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America, Violet Blair Janin is discussed, a married woman in the 1870s who wanted to avoid pregnancy because she was afraid that she would not live through giving birth due to health issues (Tone, 2001). After reading this passage, I thought of news I heard weeks ago. A startling amount of females in the United States are passing away due to childbirth (Merelli, 2017). Here is a news article from October to demonstrate this notion: Merelli, A. (2017, October 29). What’s killing America’s new mothers? Retrieved from One part of the article says that “With an estimated 26.4 deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2015, America has the highest maternal mortality rate of all industrialized countries—by several times over” (Merelli, 2017, para. 7). Knowing how unsafe childbirth can be even now, do you think Janin was justified in her decision to use contraceptives when it was not necessarily socially acceptable? (Merelli, 2017; Tone, 2001). Intrauterine Devices and Relevance to Modern Religion: Hi again! In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was passed, which meant that businesses and organizations had to give insurance plans pertaining to contraceptives to their female laborers, excluding a co-payment (Wolf, 2017). However, the Trump White House attempted to allow businesses and organizations from neglecting to do so on the basis of spiritual or ethical reluctance (Wolf, 2017). In December 2017, two different judges on the national level prevented the White House’s plan from going forwards (Wolf, 2017). Here is an article if anyone wants to read about it: Wolf, R. (2017, December 21). Second federal judge blocks Trump contraception rule. USA Today. Retrieved from Here is the link directly to the article: The article we read pertaining to birth control and religion specifically, Christianity, said that Christians should feel free to use contraceptives, but only in certain circumstances, such as when a woman’s health is being compromised (Fleischmann, 2016). When I was reading Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America, I felt surprised regarding the fact that intrauterine devices were very perilous during the late 1800s and early 1900s (Tone, 2001). Do you think the discussion of contraceptives in Christianity, in particular, is too narrow-minded, especially given the complicated story of contraceptives like the intrauterine device and the current political climate regarding birth control, or do you think, within a religious sector, the discussion is open-minded? (Fleischmann, 2016; Tone, 2001). The Birth Control Pill and Hurricane Maria: It is me again! One part of Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America discussed how Puerto Rico was where researchers monitored the effectiveness of the birth control pill in the 1950s (Tone, 2001). There was ensuing backlash over the decision to use Puerto Ricans (Tone, 2001). To use a group of people as test dummies, essentially, seems morally questionable (Tone, 2001). Reading about how Puerto Ricans were the first set of people to take the birth control pill made me think about a magazine article I read (Tone, 2001). Here is the article: Coto, D. (2018, January 11). Murders in Puerto Rico surge as Hurricane Maria recovery continues. Time. Retrieved from Here is the link directly to the article: The article talked about how more murders have occurred in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria because, at the time of the article, most of Puerto Rico still didn’t have power, there was an economic downturn, law enforcement numbers were dwindling, and criminals were fighting each other trying to search for new property (Coto, 2018). Just as Puerto Ricans were the test dummies for the birth control pill, I feel like, in a way, Puerto Ricans were again being neglected and taken advantage of by the American government’s absence of assistance (Tone, 2001; Coto, 2018). Do you think Puerto Rican women were taken advantage of in regards to the implementation of the birth control pill and do you think Puerto Rico was being taken advantage of after Maria? (Tone, 2001; Coto, 2018).