The andeven grown ups buy nike on a daily

The stocks that I choose for the project were well known places that people visitor know about. My first stock was amazon i only bought 1 share but that one share gotme a lot of money bc amazon is so well known all over the world, a lot of people useamazon on a daily basis. My next stock was general motors, general motors produce a lotof cars including buick,cadillac,gmc, and chevrolet. There is a lot of cars in the world buta lot of people drive those cars so it was smart to buy 40 shares from gmc knowing that itwon’t end for a long while. My third share was mcdonald’s and i bought 13 shares of thatbecause america loves chicken nuggets and little american boys and girls love chickennuggets too not only that but there is a lot of mcdonald’s everywhere you go, you canfind one very close to home.

My fourth stock was microsoft corporation, i bought 30 ofthose shares, almost everybody own a computer and the computer runs on microsoft wellat least most of them, the computer also has a lot of microsoft apps in it such as word andphotoshop and just different kinds of apps for the computer. A lot of people use thoseapps on a daily basis , they have jobs who require them to use those apps and of coursenothing is free so you gotta pay for all those microsoft apps. The fifth stock i bought was2nike and nobody can ever go wrong with nike every little boy or girl and teenagers andeven grown ups buy nike on a daily basis. I bought 40 shares of nike because nike has noplans of going out of business and if it does it would take a lot for nike to go out ofbusiness.

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Nike is one of the leading brands for almost everything the make a lot ofmerchandise such as shoes, clothes, and sports gear. My sixth and final stock waswalmart and i bought 10 of those shares walmart is a world wide store and you can findanything you need at walmart every walmart i go to its always so full with a lot of people.People go to walmart on a regular basis and god knows how much money the spend inthere so it was pretty smart to get shares from walmart knowing how much money theymake. The method that i used to buy the stocks was i thought of stores and brands that ilike and that are bought on a regular basis by lot of people. From there i just got brandsthat are the most famous and made the most money. Brands like walmart, nike, andmicrosoft are companies that are worldwide and they don’t have a problem makingmoney the make so much money on a daily basis.

So many people buy those brandseveryday and not only 1 thing but multiple things at once. What i noticed during the timethat i had those stocks was that sometimes i would lose money but then again i wouldearns money in less than a second, everytime a store gets a return they lose money bcthey have to give the people back there money that they waited on the product and itwould be pretty messed up for the company to keep the money not only that but it wouldalso give the company a bad name and that is also bad for the company. I also observedthat a company that has a strong business they make more money than they lose money in1 product that they get returned to them they could be selling like 3 or more while they3are paying the customer back. If it was a company with bad business they would probablymake the same amount in money lost and money earned. I would not make any changesto the stocks i choose all of my stock earned me a lot of money, not one made me lose abig amount of money.

All the stocks i bought make a lot of money in general. My stockswere good maybe i could’ve bought more shares of one stock and less on another one butmy overall was good. Buying stocks and bonds are not the only way to save forretirement the are a whole bunch of other ways to save money for retirement. One way isthat you could start saving money when you turn 25 or younger, the more time you havethe better you will be , im sure you would save more than somebody who starts saving ata older age. Another way you could save money is as soon as you kids turn independentyou could save even more money cuz you wont be helping them all the money you makewill before you so you can start saving even more now than you used too.

You could startsaving for retirement rn if you wanted to you could just set up a budget for yourself andjust start saving money all the money you spent goes to your education and daily lifestyleso just limit yourself and set up a budget and just save money and don’t touch that moneyonly in case of a real emergency. If you save money at a young age and you learn how tolimit yourself at a young age you will have no problem doping it in the future and whenyour older.