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The Roman Empire was very different from the US regardinggovernment.

The Roman empire had a dictator- Caesar. But before a dictator theywere ruled by kings. They then created a republic. Then citizens electedrepresentatives.  The US has a president.The US also has some influence from the Romans. They both elected their leaders, had ‘judges’, voting, and a’constitution’.  Art:Roman art includes architecture, painting, sculpture, andmosaic work.

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Some others include metalwork, gem engraving, ivory carvings, andglass. US painting focused mainly on portraits and some landscapes. Their mainfocus was on modern art.   Agriculture:Roman agriculture crops included wheat, emmer, spelt, andbarley, all mostly used for bread. But some would produce a vineyard, or andolive orchard in Italy.

US agriculture crops consist of corn, turkeys,tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, sunflower seeds, beans, and beets.  Economy:The US economy fueled by natural resources, highproductivity, and infrastructure. The US also has the highest average employee,and household income. The US has a high oil and natural gas production.

TheRoman economy was based off of a main concern of feeding a large number ofpeople and legions that was populated in the Mediterranean region.   Religion:The Romans also copied the Greeks’ religion. The Romansthought of themselves as highly religious because of the Greek god andgoddesses. Etruscan religion was also a major influence because of augury. TheUS is highly influenced by the Catholic religion, but other religions likejudaism and anglicans, protestants, baptists and lutherans also influence theUS.

   Philosophy:In the 17th century the philosophical influence of the USbegan at the time from the Europeans. And then philosophy grew largely over theyears. Roman philosophy was highly influenced also by the Greeks.

Romanphilosophy was highly based on epicureanism.   Education:The richer people were very highly faithful in education.While some poorer people didn’t get a high education, they did learn to readand write. The US education is provided by public, private, and homeschoolingfor kids K-12 grade.   Writing: The Romans developed our alphabet, but the script was highlyinfluenced by the Greeks.

In the US the revolutionary period contained writingsby Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine. In the post-war period,Thomas Jefferson was the most famous American writer. It was in the 18th and19th century that the US’s first novels were published. Architecture: The Romans architecture was highly borrowed by the Greekstyle. But some was also borrowed from the Etruscans like roads, streets,sewers, arches, and modern urban planning.

US architecture includes buildings,memorials, skyscrapers and arch’s. Culture: The Roman culture was divided into 3 major groups-Patricians, Plebeians, and slaves. The culture of the US is mostly Western, butis influenced by African, Native American, Asian, and Latin cultures.   Military: Rome was divided into groups of about 5,000 men called alegion, each group was then divided smaller into about 80 men called a century.The Roman military was very highly organized. The US military has the Army,Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.