The and size. A search executed on huge databases

The workers in the B+ tree provide search encryption services whichsupport the multi-keyword search application. The workers are represented as  and is the  search provided by the worker. Each searchprovided by the worker possess the encrypted tree data based documents/recordsrepresented by .  is the  encrypted tree data record available with theazure cloud search provided by the worker  on the  search. The encrypted keyword contents of  encrypted tree data records is given by . The implementation ofall these are as follows.

Where Where  and  are the encrypted set availablewith search service provided by the worker. The locally available encrypted data could be defined as   In the current search deployments available, there exists a problemwhere the encrypted data available with search service  provided by the worker may not contain all thepossible keywords as the complete encrypted tree data set . The purpose of the B+ tree is toovercome the short comings by using efficient searching algorithms and searchencryption compositions.

The data of the cloud search provided by the workerconstitutes of both the encrypted tree data and encrypted keyword contentswhich are humongous in nature and size. A search executed on huge databaseswould affect the response times due to numerous disk read and disk writeoperations involved in the search operation. To compress the data and createcache the B+ tree utilizes a hierarchical data ordering algorithm.  Based on the record, could be represented asmentioned above which aresaid to consist of triplets.Where is the subject triplet,  is the predicate triple and  represents the object triplet.The keywords extracted from the encrypted tree datainclude some complex relations that cannot be represented in encrypted treedata alone; hence the B+ tree presented here adopts representation of theencrypted keyword contents through tree structure builder due to its benefits.As the number of keywords increases, greater therelations that exist, larger is the data size and increasing the number of diskoperation for the search operation. The number of occurrences of a keyword inan encrypted data is directly proportional or equivalent to the number ofrelations  of a keyword.

It can be said that the numberof relations of a keyword and a function of thetree depth  of a keyword  is equivalent to a constant . Even if the number ofrelations of a keyword increases, the cache sizedoes not increase by a great extent.