The and convection, to help reduce the temperature of

The ability to engineer
changes is what differentiates us from other intelligent beings. The power to
affect this change is the most satisfying part of an engineer’s job. It
is this curiosity and willingness to explore untried, novel situations that has always drawn me towards Engineering. I
have always believed that mankind will forever be fascinated by the advent of
machines and technology that have induced lifestyle changes for human comfort.
It is this aspect that created a quest for me to
choose Mechanical Engineering, the genesis of all engineering sciences. Based on the immense
potential that technology can play within the field, it was an informed
choice to acquire
knowledge and specialize in this field. The
rigorous undergraduate engineering program at SRM University, a globally accredited institution, has helped me hone my analytical skills,
bolster my innate abilities to
absorb technology and lay a solid
foundation on which I want to build


Having chosen Mechanical Engineering as a
discipline of choice I started evincing interest in Heat Power Systems,
Alternate Sources of Energy, Thermodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics.
These subjects introduced me to thermal storage, efficient conservation,
experimental techniques and importance of computational methods in analysis,
design, environmental regulations and to ensure industry compliance.  Collaborating with my teammates, I
fabricated a Beta Stirling Engine that runs on Solar Power to produce electricity. Currently, in my final year, I am working
on a project titled ‘Effect of increased interfacial surface area on the freezing process of de-ionized water in a Spherical Capsule’. This envisages utilizing stored
energy to provide an efficient and effective cooling medium. Now in its nascent
stages, the intent is to explore avenues where this technology can be extended
by suitable augmentation.

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virtue of my academic credentials, I was nominated to pursue my 5th
semester under ‘Semester Abroad Program’ at National University of Singapore (NUS). At NUS, I had the
opportunity to get associated with Downdraft Biomass Gasifier project under Dr. Chi–Hwa Wang, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular
Engineering. I was involved in heat transfer calculations pertaining
to forced conduction and convection, to help reduce
the temperature of the gasifier. This research project enabled
me to gain insight in the field of Heat Transfer applications. My role was to
monitor and update changes in the
ambient temperature and incorporate
the same in numerical calculations to provide efficient solutions for energy conservation. Another huge takeaway from the Semester Abroad Program was the
opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the world and exchange
cultural views.


After the exchange semester, I did an Internship in one of the biggest
cement companies, ACC (Associated
Cement Companies Ltd), during which I worked in the Energy and Environment
Conservation Cell. I was assigned a project to design a Solar Hot Air Generator, calculate its payback period and evolve methods
to improve its efficiency. I had
the exposure to different thermal storage
systems which enabled me to understand its design concepts, practical working and how to enhance its efficiency with optimum utilization. I also had the opportunity to observe the
process deployed at storage location for tapping waste heat for various
applications. Office safety, soft skills, and
time management were also a part of the invaluable learnings. As a trainee,
I could closely observe the work done in design, production and quality sectors of
the company. Having had an exposure to a world-class setup, broadened my vision of the profession. I am convinced that pursuing a Masters’
Degree in Mechanical Engineering is best suited at this point in my career.



Human needs are ever growing
and the race to become a
super-power is only leading to the extensive
use of natural resources,
energy reservoir depletion
and subsequent severe impacts on the environment. This calls for pressing need of clean energy systems and an overall efficient management of our environment. It is a result of these observations that I believe sustainable energy
engineers are key to address these endangering
situations. My zest to pursue this graduate program is to delve deeper into sectors of environmental challenges and clean energy segment, eventually leading to developing
comprehensive knowledge in the field of Energy Management to achieve sustainable growth. I have looked
at the courses provided by your University. The rich and well-structured courses offered by the University
of Southern California: Energy and Propulsion, Design of Low Cost Space
Missions, Engineering fluid dynamics and Advanced Mechanical Design would align
perfectly to supplement my area of research interest.

The research
areas under USC has captured my interest,
especially the work of Professor Sergey Gimelshein on computational fluid
dynamics, spacecraft propulsion and physics of molecular energy transfer. I am also deeply interested in the research under
Professor Paul D. Ronney focusing on micro-scale power generation and
propulsion, internal combustion engines and control systems. The above mentioned areas of interest would
provide me with the impetus to gain further knowledge in the field of energy
conservation, energy transfer through air and fluids, product development, design and manufacturing.


In the ever-evolving global scenario of energy
conservation, the opportunities to learn and contribute to the advancement of
technology is immense. My long-term goal is to be a part of a globally acclaimed
team involved in finding innovative and sustainable solutions for energy
management. Thus I strongly believe that I have the potential and aptitude to
match the exacting standards set forth to be a part of the fraternity at the
esteemed USC. I believe that a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
combined with the pedagogy at USC, quality of research and campus life would be
instrumental in shaping my future. I look forward to being a part of the
lineage of great minds that have walked the halls of USC.