The administer or the guider said we must mind

         The first sentence “We are not responsible for your lost or stolen relatives”, really seems like in a crowded zoo or amusement park and the administer or the guider said we must mind our people around us by ourselves. Dislikes other disclaimers usually show in this format with “your lost or stolen goods or items”, this poem use the word “relatives”, which leave a very unforgettable impression to the listeners. Mullen use this word in this sentence emphasize a possible image that if the listener’s relative is lost at real then where could  they may be going likely and what will happen to the lost people all alone, and in what way the victim’s relative can be found and come back. It’s a good mystery that is left unsolved and is open for interpretation as well.

The repetition of “we” and “your” is very vague range, and can resulted to other’s though of that “we” may be refers to a powerful governing team which in charge of a large group of people. This group of people is not slight care about the lost people, the lost possessions and the lost right.