“The a very odd way. Part one is written

“The Collector” by John Fowles is about a man named Frederick that was obsessed with a woman named Miranda, that obsession eventually turned into him kidnapping her which even resulted in her death. Frederick’s obsession with Miranda began when they were both pretty young where he would only watch her from far away so as to not be seen, but she then moved away to London so his obsession disappeared. Later, the obsession Frederick had with Miranda resurfaced when he moved to London, where he saw her.  While he was in London he began to come up with ideas to kidnap Miranda but had no real intent to go through with it, until he found the perfect house that could work for hiding her. When Frederick purchased the house, it encouraged him to go along with his fantasy and abduct Miranda.

This novel is written in a very odd way. Part one is written in the point of view of Frederick, which tells the reader about the kidnapping and after the kidnaping of Miranda and how he pulled it all off. Part two in the form of a diary, written from Miranda’s viewpoint.

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In this part Miranda talks about everything that is happening day to day, how Frederick was treating her, how she was doing,  how she felt towards him, and her attempts at escaping. Part three brings us back to Fredericks viewpoint and is about the illness Miranda has gotten, and Frederick’s effort to try and help her. Part four is when Frederick finds Miranda’s Diary and how he finds out that she felt nothing but hatred towards him.The author,John Fowles, shows how Frederick has a very obsessive personality by displaying it through his actions. “I worked for a month or more getting my plans ready. I was alone all the time; not having any real friend was lucky.

“The author shows here that Frederick was a very organized and planned person. Fowles also mentions that Frederick was all by himself the entire time he was working on the house. Frederick made sure no one bothered him by telling anybody who came to his door, to go away. “Then the vicar came from the village came and I had to be rude with him. I said I was a Nonconformist, I wanted nothing to do with the village,” Another way Fowles shows his obsessive behaviour, is when he finds Miranda’s diary after she died. Once again, Fredericks attention to detail was shown by how he planned Miranda’s burial “(went down and got her in the box I had made and outside). I don’t think many could have done it.

I did it scientific. I planned what had to be done and ignored my natural feelings.”The author also uses Frederick and Miranda’s relationship to show Frederick’s obsession. The relationship they had changed many times throughout the novel. The relationship was all in Frederick’s mind in the beginning, which is where the obsession started.

“I used to see her everyday sometimes, because her house was right opposite the Town Hall…I used to have daydreams about her, I used to think of stories where I met her, did things she admired, married her and all that” He then kidnapped Miranda in hopes that his fantasy would come true. Frederick has always felt love for her, while Miranda felt hatred and bitterness. “She stood a moment, then she suddenly jumped at me across the face.

… There was real hatred in her looks.

” Frederick’s obsessiveness was displayed through their relationship when Miranda first tried to escape, at this point he was still convinced that Miranda might fall in love with him. Frederick also treated Miranda as if she was his guest and he was her servant.  “I want you to be my guest.

‘Your guest!” The exclamation mark used shows how Miranda was disgusted at the thought of being Frederick’s guest. No matter what Miranda did, nothing made him stop trying to get her to love him. He even tried to give her all of his belongings, money and all.

He just wanted her to pretend to be the perfect wife. Miranda refused but Frederick’s mind was still set on getting her to love him. Frederick asked Miranda to marry him but she then took advantage of his susceptibility by trying to escape once again, only this time Frederick was ready and quickly detained her using chloroform and took her back to her room. While Miranda was lying down on the bed unconscious, Frederick decided to take pictures of her “This was my chance I had been waiting for.” this quote shows that Frederick had been fantasizing about this for a long time.

In this Novel, the author, John Fowles, shows the reader the obsessive personality of the main character, Frederick Clegg. He was able to do this by showing us how Frederick acts, and by what he does and says, and also about the woman he had the obsession with, Miranda.