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Thevariables which are studied in this paper are job satisfaction and employeeproductivity. So here it comes the topic effect of job satisfaction on publicsector employee the literature is written after different wellknown researchers. Quantitative data is collected for this topic from thepublic organization. And public sector has preference due to that they areserving the public so how they satisfaction intends to moving a employeeproductivity.Job satisfactionJobsatisfaction may explained by many of others researchers in many perspectivesand it may be tend to moving in job satisfaction is a positioning whereemployee feel to do a better work in their organization environment. There isalso being a good performance if employee is full inspired and cheerful fromhis job that would be a vital role of job satisfaction(Gagné & Deci, 2005).

It is also emphasize to show  someconcern towards your family and get some intangible and tangible rewards thatis the significance of job (Roach Anleu & Mack, 2014).Jobsatisfaction define by in many other fields like psychological andphysiological and also in the workplace situation where they have accept thevalue of job that they are satisfied from their job and it motivated theemployee towards job. And the employee character in organization plays acrucial role for being influence the level of productivity so it defines thatthere is also a various features to energize of having a satisfaction level (Hoppock & Spiegler, 1938).Thereis also some other perspective that it could also be situation wheresatisfaction of an employees is low due to problem of work assigned to all ofthem which may have different conditions or circumstances under they are working that may be as civil liberties,occupied environment, where employees are not much engaged with their work ortask. There could also be less cooperative level with leader or competentperson.

These all factors may move far away from employees to work. Someworking organizations don’t pay to that persons who are not satisfied withtheir work so it is the representation of less concerned towards their work andnot meet the outlook of supervisors then the result come up with they get    dismissed from their jobs but the organizationsuffers a extra charges on hiring a it could a better fororganization to facilitate the employees by giving them an elastic setting thatthey can feel their position mark able and be a member of an organization.Likewise, high self-esteem gets higher the level of enactment and lowself-esteem gets the low level of enactment. (Clark, 1997).Employee productivityEmployeeproductivity plays a vital role in workplace and usually it comes from when theemployees itself satisfied with their job.

It is the measurement of anefficiency of an employee and a person who is working within the group. Itcould be measured by output of an employee within a span. And it could beimproved setting the required tasks and some strength to put on it byconsidering the limits that cause productivity. Dismissedvariable has been the work routine, which not just affects labour activityfulfilment and inspiration, yet which, thus, is firmly identified with enhancedprofitability. A fresh learning has shown that the motivation level are higherif employee involvement in verdicts moving towards their on-going living (Nanda & Browne, 1977).

Inother side, organization productivity could be increased by the pre-employmenttrails but some settings and problems are interlinked with pre-employmenttrails. Different regulations, problems, measurement tools should be pay focuson it(Rudner, 1992).Private companies use the experiments for inspire the employers so if they givemore importance towards reserves rather than some rewards systems so thanemployee productivity could be enhance more(Mueser & Maloney, 1991).Someof the researcher work on quality circle technique which may enlightenedtowards the recognition of employee participation in the various concepts likeproductivity, quality of work life and less turnover (Marks, Mirvis, Hackett, & Grady,1986). Noteworthy monetary misfortunes maylikewise come about because of such practices as poor occupation execution,deficient client relations abilities, non-appearance, lateness, high turnover,at work mishaps, infringement of organization strategy, and at work medicateutilize. Distinguishingconceivably counterproductive workers previously procuring them is a noteworthytest confronting managers(Rafilson, 1988).

                                         LiteratureReviewJob satisfactionJob satisfaction plays a crucialrole in the productivity. Job satisfaction leads employees to un-endingmotivation. This was proved by many researchers. This section of the chapterreviews various relevant researches conducted across the globe.Itmay define as how much an individual or employee pleased with her work or job.

Andit refers the reaction and emotions of an individual related to their specificwork. Sometimes job satisfaction shows a positive behaviour towards employeepose and dissatisfaction represents as a negative approach from employee side(Armstrong, 2006).Soin other way it would call a best employee who delivers and promotes the firm’sservices and also produce a better and positive image.

This type of job alsocarried out by contact employees. Fair treatment also enhances job satisfactionin the best possible way the one who delivers services. Job satisfaction may beachieved through where organization follow workplace fairness in job treatment,pay reward and promotion rules may administered. And then these type of rulemay specially promote the employee’s welfare as well refer to organization andit refer to as contact employee prosocial behaviour.(Bettencourt & Brown, 1997).Theconsolidation of family life of employee may transfer into another area whichmay create a job satisfaction on routine based and it has a great a greateffect on marital satisfaction and individual transfer of satisfaction at homework and it creates a positive and negative image so it shows the transfer ofsatisfaction also linkage of the family lives (Ilies, Wilson, & Wagner, 2009).

Theconnection between work fulfilment and the work esteems and employment rewardsrelated with six measurements of work-characteristic, comfort, monetary,relations with collaborators, profession openings and asset sufficiency. It isdiscovered that work esteems affects work fulfilment. Specialists can acquireapparent occupation rewards is conceptualized to be an element of their levelof control over their work circumstance.

Status of an experienced employee canbe improved by some extend to developed its productivity level and workingof  an organization that comes up withthe job satisfaction (Kalleberg, 1977).Accomplishmentobjective hypothesis and pioneer part trade hypothesis to recommend that therelational instrument of pioneer part trade intercedes the connections betweenworkers objective introductions and the results of occupation execution andemployment fulfilment (Janssen & Van Yperen, 2004).Achievement of something is considered as a level of satisfaction and somehowit creates a high level of productivity and doing a tasks in a very well manneras well (Locke & Latham, 1990).Asin the local level government of employees they usually wanted a level ofsatisfaction from different prespectives i.

e they get it from jobsecruity,environment of an organization, their achievements and feedback abouttheir supervisors (Durst & DeSantis, 1997).Employee productivity:Productivitymay defined by three elements that is purpose, expectation and human capital. and employee productivity have arelationship of job satisfaction. Somehow, many sectors used some incentives for job satisfaction that wouldincresaed the employee productivity.Hereso how the  productivity be measured asratio of output to input. Then if we considered it by public sector it maymeasured as an effectiveness and efficiency (Hatry, 1978) .

If we are talking about the public sector employee productivity  so it could be achieved by standardsmatching, and the rules which has been set by the competent authority. Peoplein general area is being limited, the models of proficiency and viability areharder (now and again generously so), and the principles utilized for work forceand acquiring frameworks, and notwithstanding for hierarchical structures, aremoving emphatically toward leanness and adaptability, regularly to thedetriment of some prized open division esteems, for example, procedural value (Van Wart & Berman, 1999).Someof the researcher work on quality circle technique which may enlighted towardsthe recognition of employee particitaion in the various concepts likeproductivity, quality of work life and less turnover (Marks et al., 1986). Thereforethere is also a trust-building model variable which may increase theproductivity level and as well as trust and increase the job satisfaction amongemployees and get to more engaged with organizational work (Nyhan, 2000). For some ofproduction  there is necessary of a verygood supportive  workplace health thatmay linked and commited with some of higher work and tend to  show some of readiness for work (Chen et al., 2015).

                                               PurposeThekey drive and purpose of this study is to getting the knowledge of  how job satisfaction effects the employeesproductivity who are working in the public sector organizations. So it would bebeneficial to get to know what type of stuff could be engagegd for enhancingthe employee productivity so is it complusory for public sector employees toget satisfy.                                      Significance of the studyThis study has countless implication and prominence. Todaythe most organization believes that job satisfaction of every employee plays avital role in the success of products. Job satisfaction is compulsory for its achievementand accomplishment of eventual aims.

Revelation and work of an institute becomesa reality when the employees put all their efforts. Workers display devotion onlywith the condition when they are gratified. Organizations assume additional immersionof personnel in structural comfort, not only by gratifying the official accountabilitiesand obligations defined in job description but also the intended and public performancethat exhibits that staffs deliberate and accept their organization as crucialpart of themselves and perceives the institute as an essential part of theirown beings. This study has remarkable implication on the job sector asorganizations should come forward with plenty of interesting offers to satisfythe employees.

Thus this study has significant implication and practicality.                                           MethodologyQuantitative data collection techniquewas employed in the present study. The questionnaire was made for this purpose.This questionnaire was solely designed to collect the reviews of the employeessatisfaction. This structured questionnaire was used.

To collect the views ofthe respondents five point Likert scale was used in the questionnaire. to obtainthe data. This type of research questionnaire is most appropriate researchinstrument as the most of data was collected from employees working in anypublic organization. This tool would provide data that could be used in order toget thoughtful understandings and conclusions. Furthermore due to admittance inany public sector organization for purpose to carry out ethnographic researchwas not conceivable for me due to time constrictions and dearth of contact,interviews was not possible as it requires time and to derive themes is longway to go. Furthermore I thought of focus group but it was pretty delicate anddifficult to get along with multiple members (employees) of publicorganizations. So, a structured questionnaire was formed serve the purpose bestfor collection of data related to variables of our study. Following are the benefits of the devicei.

e. structured questionnaire that I engaged in this study are§  This was quicker and veryeasy to administer.§  It was made of easy wordthat is comprehended able for the participant.§  It is not very costly process.§  It was made as per conveniencefor respondents to respond on scale provided.                                            ObjectiveThis study involves followingobjectives,Firstly it was to find out the role ofjob satisfaction in the behaviour of employees in public sector organizations.

Correlation between job satisfaction and productivity is to be unwavering andinvestigate behaviour of public employees. Independent variable is job satisfactionand dependent variable is productivity. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE DEPENDENT VARIABLE    PRODUCTIVITY JOB SATISFACTION                                                                                                                                                                                 SamplingThis study was besieged towards publicsector organizations of Pakistan in order to study relationship of ourvariables. The sample of the study comprised of the employees is working inpublic sector organizations.

Non-probability sampling technique was employedin this particular study. Convenience sampling was used as it was the onlymethod where is was easy to collect sample. I have used non-probability type ofsampling technique owing to its accessibility. This was used as it was easy forme to access the sample and organization where I was able to get the access. Inorder to eradicate the likelihoods of non-sampling error, I have developedquestions with utmost care. I have developed the questionnaire from previousliterature so minimum chance of error would be made.

I have used simplelanguage to get the objectivity of results.                                     QuestionnaireDesign:§  Planned questionnairewas established and used for data collection purpose.§  Close ended questionswere developed. These types of questions would have following benefits, suchas, better interpretation of questions because of probable answers so long asin scale provided, easier for participants to complete.

Moreover less chancesof poor response rate due to simplicity of carrying out as compared toopen-ended questions.§  A five point Likertscale was used, it comprised of the following items, 1 = Strongly Agree2 = Agree3 = Neutral4 = Disagree5 = Strongly Disagree§  Respondent will have tochoose any one answer from this five point scale. Respondent cannot mark/choosemore than one answer.

Respondent was able choose the suitable answer from fivepoint scale and mark a tick in appropriate box.                                   Types of thequestions:I have established detailed questions indetection of significance that how job satisfaction effects the productivity inthe employees working in public sector organizations. Different questions aredeveloped regarding the variables under study i.e. about “Job satisfaction” and”productivity”. Sometimes there occurs a problem of “Compliance”, that is, some of the respondentsmay consistently agree or disagree with a set of questions (Bryman, 2012). To evade this problem I have developedquestions that indicate contrary positions in order to willingly get an idea ifany respondent had filled a questionnaire not with due care and concern.

For instance·        Do youfeel valued for your contributions?·        Do you feel fairtreatment?·        I am happy withmy job and organization·        I enjoy companyof my peers at my workplace.I have not asked double-barrelledquestions from my respondents as it causes problems from respondents to answer,so specific and clear questions are asked. Moreover very technical type ofterms is avoided as any respondent may find it difficult to understand andrespond.The questionnaire is attached inAppendix B                                   Inclusioncriteria:Thepublic sector employees 18 years or above The employees must have 5 years’ experiencein the respective fields                                  ExclusionCriteria:            Theemployees with less than of 5 years of experience.                               Method of Administration: The permission letter tocollect data will be taken from Institute of Administrative Sciences,University of the Punjab. As I was using purposive sampling I went to theorganizations that are easy to access.

I have contacted TEVTA and Special EducationDepartment for the purpose of data collection. After getting the permissionfrom the said departments I went there physically. Initially the participantswere briefed about the purpose of the research. Most of the questions werepostured verbally.

Information sheet and consent form (see appendix A forconsent form) was given to them. On the consent ofthe participants I have given them the questionnaire to fill out.On contacting respondents I shortlybriefed them on this research and purpose of data collection. Meaning anddefinition of variables of my research like job satisfaction and productivity wasexplained shortly just to give them the idea of my topic.                                            Ethical Issue:Itried to adopt and follow all the ethical rules throughout the procedure ofdata collection. So it is necessary as a researcher not to disobey the rules ofethical principles that have to follow during the phase of research that isbeing accompanied.

§  Nohurt to Applicants:The answers are design in way which may not a reasonof uncomfortable to answering members. So it took a behavior of talking thatmay convinced to applicants to answer easily that my questions may not hurt toanyone. I reserved to follow the rules and guidelines of ethical exploration. §  PreservingConfidentiality:I try to maintain all the data and informationconfidentially regarding their organization so that the organization couldfurther invited me to do research during my academic career.

·        Knowledgeable Accord:I have approached my defendants in very professionalmanner, earlier consent was occupied from them and their agreement was asked tocontribute in this study and to help me with data collection on the topic underconsideration. No one was powerfully involved in this research and assent wastaken for answering and contributing. §  NoDishonesty:I have reserved high concern for upholding thisethical principle in study accompanied. No applicant or organizational participantwas misled. I tried to meet the participants in a very formal manner thatmaintain the distance of researcher and participant. I helped to participantsby reading the question and cleared the concept about job satisfaction andemployee productivity.

                                        ConclusionThefield of industry and organization has an extensive, opulent, and, at times, notorioushistory and is linked to the training and considerate job satisfaction. Thisresearch is very precise and aimed mainly on determining, and refining employeeattitudes as it consequently leads to increase in the productivity. Thus thereis dire need of the types of linkages and opportunities that increasesatisfaction on the employers to create such opportunities that createproductivity.                                        LimitationsThisstudy has limitation of time constraint.

As the time was short so thequestionnaire was filled out from very few participants. More data will berequired to get more objective results of the study.Theother limitation of the generalizability of the results.                                       SuggestionsThereare many suggestions that can be made for better output. First of all thisresearch can be replicated with more participants.

So the results can begeneralized on more population. One possible future trend of employeesatisfaction research will be to better understand the interaction among the individualand the condition and the numerous other interior and outside factors that impactemployee satisfaction. Most importantly, a enhanced understanding of the roleof emotions, as well as broader environmental impacts, is needed to look at.

Furthermore qualitative research can be done for the thick, deep and richunderstanding on the roles that plays a vital role in employees satisfaction.What I learnt from it?This study exploredmy experience and knowledge about the working of public organization and get toknow about how public organization entertained their employees for sake of jobsatisfaction. And how job satisfaction enhances to be moreproductive. I get to know the workplace where how to tackle everyone and beinga researcher how to represent myself.