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The definition ofpaedophilia is a condition where a human being is sexually aroused by havingsexual behaviour and sexual activity that is of a highest degree towards childrenthat are typically aged 13 years or below. (Psychology Today, 2017)            In Malaysia, paedophilia is still a huge problem thatrequires immediate attention and awareness of the public in order to find waysto overcome it. This issue is still ongoing and cannot be ignored by the peopleof Malaysia.               According to a report by the Malaysian Government, fromyear 2013 until 2017, there is a staggering total of 5052 cases of sexual abusewhich victims are children.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister ofthat time Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim had stated that around 70% to 80% ofthe paedophiles are closely related to their victims which includes theirprotectors or parents (Haikal J, 2017).            There are also loopholes in the Malaysian law that allowspaedophiles to escape with zero punishment. In the year 2016, a Sarawakian hadraped a 14 year old girl. Initially, the paedophile was charged with statutoryrape and have to face 30 years of prison which include whipping. All chargeswere dropped when the paedophile married his victim because based on theIslamic law, Muslim girls that are below 16 can ask for consent to marry fromIslamic courts.

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That man is still free and had faced no consequence until today(Beh L.Y, 2016).Thisis not the only case where a paedophile had escaped the jail life. In Sabah, a40 year old man had raped a 13 year old girl inside of a car. The girl wantedto lodge a report against him but she later withdrew her report because the manwanted to marry her (TheAsianParent, 2018).

“Rapistsusually marry their victim especially underage ones to mask over their heinousacts.” Tan (2016). Human Rights Watch had reported that until 2010, there areabout 16,000 girls in Malaysia that were married before becoming 15 years old (BehL.Y, 2016).

Thefact that paedophiles can roam freely on the streets punishment-free aftercarrying out paedophilia shows that Malaysian laws are not strict enough topunish paedophiles. Drastic measures are needed to be taken to change the lawsin child sexual abuse and paedophilia.