The a person should possess some skills in managing

 The first studies ofleadership have roots in the beginning of civilization and date back to Plato,Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. The interest has always existed and today has reachedthe highest popularity. So many people want to become leaders for the reasonthat we want to become powerful and be respected. But a crucial problem is lackof knowledge and experience.It is generally known thatleadership plays a major role in determining the success or failure in businessor in different life situations. Leadership is a complex discipline and isdescribed and analyzed through different leadership theories and models.

  This paper examines main ideas and principleson leadership with special emphasis on leadership in America. As with most popular sayingsof general use, there is some truth in “Great leaders are born, not made.”Reasonably, the talent for great leadership is innate, however learning how tobe a more effective leader is available to everyone – whether you lead multipleteams, an entire company or just one staff member.Effective leadership is notthe same as good management. To become an effective leader, a person shouldpossess some skills in managing people.

These skills include communication,trustworthiness and confidence. In order to effectively run an organization,management must be able to plan a strategy, provide a vision, inspire others toaction and solve problems. Effective leadership is based on behaviors thatbring about empowerment and change.Many studies demonstrate asurprising number of advice how to be a leader. But in fact, it is alwayseasier to learn by example.

In the literature there are many examples ofsuccessful people and their prosperous lives. Everyone has their own specialtactics, the sources of motivation and inspiration. The purpose of this work isto reveal the meaning of American leadership, especially in the business sphereand with reference to examples illustrating the concept of leadership.