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The communication security is set up through registrationall through the primary belief and get in touch with between two human beings,which is kept within the human brain are a completely. The safety codes amongthem are generated and the records are blocked by these protection codes if theend user is not the required one. On the other hand, the unlocked records aretransmitted if the specified cease confirmed via the comments mind indicators,i.e. telepathic hyperlink, wherein subsequently, the specified safety codes areopened and the records are transmitted. moreover, the quantum flip-flop alertscan also be generated by way of the usage of a coherent mild source propagateswithin micro-optical tool, where the Rabi oscillation frequency can be set upto begin/forestall the transmission bits security, wherein the circulation ofinformation may be securely transmitted inside the telepathic communication.

Inthis study by input soliton pulse into nano ring resonator, Coding signal assecured communication can be generated to use telepathy communication.   Key words: Telepathy, security communication, memory. 1.                 INTRODUCTION Telepathy is the phenomena of physics bywhich communication happens between minds, or mind-to-mind communication. Suchmental telepathy communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensationsand mental images.

Telepathic descriptions are universally found in writingsand oral lore. In tribal societies such as the Aborigines of Australiatelepathy is accepted as a human faculty, while in more advanced societies itis thought a special ability belonging to mystics and psychics 1, 2. Telepathy is used to govern the brain functions, test thereminiscence of other people, receive and transmit the thoughts directly amongpeople with none bodily method along with vocal or auditory mechanisms.Telepathy exists throughout area which seems in many studies among numerousraces  3 with a vested interest to study therecollections of other species and decorate or get better lost memories. A fewcommunication can exchange thoughts handiest with others in their very ownspecies and a few can ship however no longer obtain and vice versa  4. Betazoids, for one instance, canship their thoughts most effective to different empathy and telepaths, howevercan receive thoughts and feelings from nearly any being’s mind, psionicallytalented or now not 5. In some races, telepathy is presentedin all healthy people. However in some species, together with people, telepathyis in frequent and certain species, drastically the Ferengi, by no meanstelepath 6, 7.

Telepathy makes viable some kinds ofinteraction that could in any other case be impossible 7, 8. Miranda Jones has set up atelepathic link with Ambassador Kollos 9. Telepathic races along with theBetazoids and Vulcans typically broaden an ethical code (now and again makingit real law, as do the Ullians) which exactly dictates below what circumstancessuch powers may be used. Vulcan telepathy, although, is more confined, usuallypracticed within the shape of the thoughts meld, coupled with Vulcan legitimateand mental molding 10, 11. signal pulses of microwave could beheard by way of some human beings as “pops” or “clicks”, while ateach of uniform pulses could be heard as a buzz, without privilege of any formof receptor 10, 12, 13. Numerous variety of frequencies arearound 125 MHz (properly below microwave) and can be tough for some mixture ofpulse energy and pulse width.

  2. SECURED COMMUNICATION MECHANISMThescanning image facts is identified by million mind cells and is addressed inthe mind reminiscence via many layers and sub-layers inside the brain cloud pc 14, 15. The image recuperation is realized by usingevaluating the photograph sample reputation, in which the possibility of imagesample projection as the equal photo possibility is the criteria of recoveryand conclusion. The projection of coherent signals deliver the de-coherentstates, whereas the crumble of waves realizes the specified consequences(required photo recuperation).

In electronic mind control, the specified pulseheight energy is set 3watts in line with square centimeter of cranium surfacewhich is carried out or wished for a very small percentage of each pulse’scycle time. Three-watts/square cm is power acquired underneath a 250-watt heatlamp at a distance of 1 meter. When the pulse train is off (i.e. no sign) formaximum of each cycle, the average power is too small and unsearchable. This proposalrecognize as “spike” waves which is utilized in radar and differentmilitary communications where the frequency operats as voice-to-skull carriersaren’t single frequencies, in equal manner as for TV or cellular cell phonechannels. Every sensitive frequency is virtually a range or “band” offrequencies. A method used to reduce each interference and detection is called”unfold spectrum”.

Spread spectrum alerts usually contain the servicefrequency called “hop” round exact band. The spread spectrum sign isreceived on a spectrum analyzer which appears as “static” or noise.The success unclassified voice to cranium test has been done in 1974, by Dr.

Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove on the Walter Reed military Institute ofresearch 16.  AFrey-kind audible pulse is transmitted on every occasion because the voicewaveform that is passed down thru the zero axes. The sensation is stated as abuzzing, clicking, or hissing which appears to originate within or simplybehind the head. The phenomenon occurs with carrier densities as low asmicrowatts in line with rectangular centimeter for carrier frequencies from 0.3till  3.0 GHz. via proper preference ofpulse characteristics, the wise speech can be created.

Figure 1 shows theschematic diagram of the input pulse imaging machine based totally on nonlinearmicro ring resonators. The spectral domain pulse-shaping method is defined inschematic diagram. Fig. 1.Schematic diagram of the femtosecond pulseimaging gadget based totally on nonlinear micro ring resonators.

  Function of System Theproposed system decomposes the rework-limited laser pulse into the spectralarea and modified the heartbeat spectrum the use of a one dimensional fixed orprogrammable spatial mask or hologram. The modified temporal spectrums are thenrecombined into the time area. For an input pulse such as a Gaussian pulsewithout statistics, the input optical field in the shape of Gaussian pulse maybe expressed as 18-21.                                                          (1)andan output pulse from image  plane can beexpressed as                                                           (2) Wherein the amplitude of optical fields are represented by Ai and As. Thepropagation distance is demonstrated by z.

The propagation time for solitonpulse movements at the group speed in a body is . Here, t is the soliton section shift time, and is thefrequency shift of the soliton.  represents thedispersion period of the soliton pulse, wherein suggests soliton pulsepropagation time on the preliminary enter. The coefficients of the linear andthe second order terms of the Taylor’s expansion of the propagation steady are and, respectively. For the soliton pulse in the micro ringdevice, a stability need to be performed between the dispersion duration () and the nonlinear duration, wherein, is the period scaleover which dispersive or nonlinear results adjust the beam diameter.

For asoliton pulse, there is a balance between dispersion and nonlinear lengths 15, 17. Hence don’t forget a pulse produced with the aid ofthe heartbeat-shaping tool is incident on the primary reflecting grating of theheartbeat imaging gadget as shown in Figure 1 at a prevalence angle ?. Thegrating is organized such that the primary diffraction order for the spectralthing at the center service frequency ? propagates into the route of theoptical axis of the system. As the pulse arrives at plane 2, an unmarriedspectral aspect of the incident area at an arbitrary frequency ? is produced ina diffracted area. After aircraft 2, the heartbeat carries information fromphoto which is then transformed into telepathy using single nano ring resonator18, 19.

 Totallyat the coupling coefficient of nano ring resonator (NRR), a fraction of entersoliton pulse is coupled into the NRR. For lengthy dispersive course, Ei reasonsthe nonlinearity effect constructed up within the NRR because of exchange of therefractive index with optical electricity. Here, the electricity dependence ofrefractive index is chargeable for the Kerr effect 20, 21. The refractive index can be written as 22:                                                          (3)Where and are the linear and nonlinear refractive indices respectivelyand indicates the effective mode core place of the waveguide. In each sphericalride a segment shift of is  introduced into thesoliton pulse while propagating through NRR. One spherical journey losscoefficient is considered as where is the circumference of the NRR and isthe waveguide absorption coefficient.

The vacuum wave range and refractiveindex of the waveguide are represented via K and n, respectively. The pulsepasses via the NRR and enter soliton pulse after each round interfere with eachdifferent. The optical outputs from the first ring resonator are given as 18:                                              (4)Where  is the fraction ofinput pulse that coupled to the NRR, is the coupling coefficient of the firstring and shows the fractional intensity loss of the first coupler. The output pulsefrom each NRR in proposed system that shows in Figure 2 is fed to the next NRR.

The output pulse from a machine of N nano ring resonator can determine as                                          (5) Theoutput power from every ring can be determined as                                           (6)   Fig. 2. Schematic of telepathy pulse generation 2.                 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION   Inorder to generate telepathy pulse a Gaussian pulse with strength at five W isfed into the device as shown in Figure 3(a). The linear and nonlinearrefractive index of the machine which is Indium Gallium Arsenide Phosphide(InGaAs/P) is n0=3.

5 and respectively. The waveguide loss and coupler intensity lossare ?= 0.2 (dB/mm) and ? = 0.2, respectively. The coupling coefficients of thenano ring resonator vary among 0.

1 to 0.5. The radius of nano ring is 90 nm.The powerful mode area regions of the nano ring resonators are numerous insidethe variety from 0.1 to 0.5 µm2. While the enter optical pulse meetsthe resonance condition of every nano ring resonator, it couples to the ringand travel round inside it. Here telepathy pulse may be completed based at thenormalized pulse and resonant mode numbers of nano ring resonator optical pulseinfluences as optimistic and unfavorable interference.

Consequently, thesignals are suppressed over frequency period and the overall depth on thisfrequency area is amplified in step with the superposition principle. For thereason, that energy consistent with region for optical breakdown decreases withthe heart beat duration which is recognized with lasers running inside thetelepathy pulse duration regime. Here the heart beat is sliced and amplifiedinto smaller alerts over the spectrum as proven in Fig. 3(b). Figures 3(c),3(d), 3(e) and 3(f) suggests the normalized telepathy pulses in numerous roundtrips range which is suitable for telepathic memory and secured communication.Fig.

3. The  result of the output signals from proposedgadget where (a) shows the enter Gaussian pulse, (b) the chaotic alertsgeneration, (c), (d), (e) and (f) show the normalized telepathy pulse inseveral round trips variety.Twotelepaths may integrate their skills to make a comfortable conversation channelbetween them. In this case, the ability wished to interrupt the safety is equalto the product – multiplication – of the two man or woman skill levels.Clearly, whilst 3 or extra skilled telepaths shape at an ease hyperlink, itwill become most unlikely that anyone man or woman can be capable to interruptit. Artificial telepathy covers mind analyzing, and secured verbal exchange.

This in flip would permit us to lookout personal recollections not just thoseat the internet with something just like the performance and reliability of acomputer seek engine. Artificial Telepathy system could be intelligenceamassing and interrogation. As a communication system, it might have aconstrained attraction as any country with a comparable setup could both payattention in, or fake to be the interface. As such, it increases critical moraland felony questions, specifically the question of secrecy given that all majorgovernments could be privy to the machine. For the reason that no law allowsthis kind of interrogation, its secrecy can be extra to do with criminal hobbyon behalf of the security corporations, as opposed to countrywide security.Figure 4 shows the schematic of switch pulse as telepathy.