The 29-year old second year MBA student who is

The case facts (brief
summary; 2-4 sentences of what’s happening and who’s involved):
Dave Armstrong is a 29-year
old second year MBA student who is undecided about his future and has to
decide between three different job prospects. Dave began as a computer
programmer for Thorne Enterprises then left to the life insurance business
eighteen months later. There seemed to be no growth or momentum building up
in the job so he applied and accepted admittance to the Harvard Business
School. Now near graduation, he must decide amongst the prospective jobs, Job
A, Job B, and Job C.

The issues/potential main
problem (main issues in OB terms related to the module):
Dave’s main problem is
deciding amongst the three jobs as all have benefits and risks. The jobs that
Dave view as more appealing aren’t certain which makes his decision even
harder. Job A gives him the opportunity to work with his old boss, Mr.
Thorne, and is the option he describes as being the one he really wants due
to its high potential. Job B isn’t as much of a risk as Job A, but the job is
not as appealing to Dave and might only be a short-term deal. Job C is more
of a regular job and doesn’t necessarily possess a risk, but it does not have
the same appeal as the others. Dave’s wife also has some say in his choice
and prefers Job C, which makes his decision even more challenging.

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Three questions or comments
I want to make in class:
1. Would Dave’s
relationship with Mr. Thorne be a big influence in his decision?
2. How quickly would Dave
need to find a job, as all seem to take time to start up. Especially Job C’s
6-12 month wait, which could play a big part in his choice.
3.  Bounded rationality was brought to mind when
thinking about how Dave is finding difficulty deciding. He only has weeks to
give decisions and all information is only the information provided.

Additional information/Relevant
theories & concepts that may apply:
Dave can’t act impulsively
and make a decision based off of short-term goals but also can’t necessarily
risk all of his money. His wife also has a big influence on his life and has
been pushing for Job C but ultimately wants Dave to pick the option where he’d
be the happiest. The decision all relies on Dave and what he wants to do and
what he believes is right. If he believes in his external sources, like his
wife, he’d more than likely go with Job C. If this is more of what he wants
to do with his future, which it mainly is, he might consider taking a risk
and working in an exciting environment.