Techonology history, psychological values. With highly connected IoT[5], we

Techonology is Boon and Bane in many aspects, We as humans always kept innovation a path of success emerging from failures.

Some times great products die an embarrasing death but they lay road for great ideas to flourish later on. Our thirst for automation and betterment in human life has always been an end goal of every innovation in some or the other way which can be a failure or success.Tech Failures of 2017:1. Equifax: “We’re living in the beginning of an era of mass targeted attacks, things are bad and they’re going to get worse.” said Nate Fick, CEO of security firm Endgame.

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1Information Security can be “Bane” side of the technology which always been a great threat. I agree with author stating this largest data breach in the US history as the failure and issue to fix. Our identity is break down into many identifiers like SSN, driver’s license, passport, employer ids. This information is prevailed over goverment agencies and other organizations to autheticate our identity when provided. Many websites without permission gather information about what we search and social media reveals our family history, psychological values. With highly connected IoT5, we use many devices/apps like Google Home, Apple Siri, Facebook etc.

, which gather/store personal, health and financial information. With increasing technology, devices/apps which are vulnerable to attacks are also rapidly increasing, giving hackers more and more opportunities to invade governments, enterprise organizations & houses. Equifax breach has effected 143 million consumers with exposing their SSN, Date of birth, username, passwords. Credit card and personal identity information of 209K people.2 Earlier to Equifax, many data breaches lost tens of millions of records including JPMorgan Chase, eBay, Home Depot and many medical organizations. Data Breaches happen over and over because of many small things like not promoting security patches, not revisiting their security policies very often, lack of awareness among the enterprise organizations that how great their product be, security should be their top priority. I feel security will be more stronger if all the indentifiers are not be stored at a single place, like SSN should only be accessed from SSN office and the user, driver’s license should be between DMV3 and user which reduces the scope of huge data breaches.

2. Juicero:Designing the user experience, target audience and problem it solves are one of the very first things to think of when developing a product.4 Main issue is cost, $400 worth of a product will only smash a packet of juice into a glass, Integration with wifi and a mobile app was unneccsary for Juicero. It also involves an additional cost of weekly subscription to their juice packs of $5-$8 which releases 8ounce of juice.

Juicero did solve a very simple problem which can be done faster with bare hands.6 People rather choose to do things which are convinient than investing money on an over engineered product. Lack of quaulity of juice in sachets, high price, unwanted dependencies & no value proposition made a strong case for the failure of Juicero.3. Uber:With the current status of Uber, it is clear that not one problem has lead this company to this point. Among all, culture problem is their top one. “Corporate culture is indelibly linked to an organization’s brand,”7.

Uber has a black culture which was unchecked and not revisited by their leadership for so many years. I had 3-4 conversations with former Uber drivers in SFO during my ride in Lyft, they conveyed their utter displeasure working with Uber HR department, not being transparency in the wages. Their cultural issues include alcohol outings, drinking habits at work, sexual assualts and discrimination.8 Their new leadership should make tweaks in their policies and culture to gain their acceptable role in the market place. They should implement programs to bring in more diversity, make everybody clear that sexism is not acceptable, have better relationship with their drivers and to be transparent by not damaging their core business. Tech Success of 2017:1. Smart Watches:The future of Wearable technology and Nanotechnolgy are full of promises. Strong demand and numerours benefits are bound to impact many sectors, indicating a forecoming change in computing.

Transition from basic wearables like Fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin bands to Motorola, Samsung, Apple smartwatches portrays a great innovation since past few years. Giant companies invest a lot of research on market wants. Apple has always impressed users with its tiny care towards design, their timing of entering into smart watch market was also not too late. Watch series 3 dominated its previous versions with the ability to be independent from phone. Apple maintained the beauty of simplicity with different colors and straps. It is crafted on its own watchOS.

It has great integrations with health data like steps per day, sleep cycles, dietary information9. Improved voice commands with “Siri” has made it more easy to access any information like Navigation with maps, paying with Apple-pay without carrying phones or wallets, easy boarding at airports and to answer phone calls. A less intrusive way to recieve notifications instead of giving more attention to 5-6inch phone. 2. Block chain technology:In Modern world, pictures, emails, video calls, messages travel directly from user to user maintaining trust between individuals no matter how far apart we are, then why seek permission for money from Banks and Governments.

Blockchain Techonology has become more frenzy on usage and increase in cost of bitcoin in the recent months. It is meant to revolutionize the involment of third parties in money transactions from place to place using open decentralized database with more transparency, security10, reduced transanction costs and decentralization11. This technology is discussed to be used in automobiles, real estates, healthcare, large scale organizations and goveranance as a solution to resolve many issues.

123. Tesla Model 3:With more concerns growing on environmental issues with CO2 emission resulting in climate change, Tesla and Elon Musk produced “Car of the year 2017” with all-electric, fuel-efficient in an effort to bringdown the levels of CO2(already saved release of ~2.5 million tons of CO2)13 . Tesla Model 3 is lot more affordable than Model S and X with a base price of $35K.

It also accomadates Autopilate, Electrification and more features with additional costs.14 Model 3 is a much better option than any other electric, hybrid or gas cars available in the market.