Technology such as CAD Designer, CNC Machinist and as

Technology is the beat of adrum that the 21st century synchronizes to. In this rapidly evolving globaleconomy, the need to exploit opportunities and maintain viable technologicalsignificance amid various challenges, remains highly imperative!I believe technological ‘barriersto entry’ is the biggest reason why most organizations fail. Technology isa huge differentiator to the world’s economic and socioculturalprogress. When pursuing your passions,your best ideas come to you. Passions are like our fingerprints, everybody hasthem, but everybody’s are different.

One’s passions may just be a guidebook toone’s life. Throughout my life, I have taken up challenges and attained themwith sheer grit and unflinching passion. It is with this passion and ability to thrivein the face of challenges, that I feel I’d be a valuable asset to Ryerson University’sMasters of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (M.ENGG) Program.

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 “Kitesrise highest against the wind – not with it”. The wisdom behind thisquote by Sir Winston Churchill truly represents what I believe in as anindividual and as a professional. Born in India, I’ve seen a plethora ofhardships that included poverty, limited accessibility to opportunities, asustainable education and more.Despite these odds, I had been blessed with adisciplined parental upbringing, paving the way for the attainment of my goals.In April 2013, I graduated with anundergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from KL University with anoverall GPA of Enter GPA.

Thereafter, in May 2015, Isuccessfully completed my Mechanical Engineering Technician’s Program fromHumber College.  Subsequently, I started my career inMechanical Engineering in various roles such as CAD Designer, CNC Machinist andas a Mechanical Engineer. This provided me with industry relevant exposure to varioustechnologies and trends in the realm of Mechanical Engineering today. My rolesincluded working for well-known companies such as Contex, Excalibur and Warren Industries. I was involved in a number of key projectsthat included planning, drawing and designing various systems, documentations,development of mills and lathes, building systems and prototypes for effectivetesting, and developing new products. These intricate hands-on initiatives enabledme to develop mechanical engineering skills and crucial technical dynamics inan all-encompassing manner.Mechanical Engineering is not merely a field of study for me, buta lifelong passion.  Growing up as ateenager, I have seen so many instances where machines work much faster andaccurately than humans.

After high school, I started pondering deeper on thisand developed a growing yearning for designing and building machines that canbe used in everyday human life; making our lives easier, faster and moreefficient. This realization made me want to pursue Mechanical Engineering inall its entirety. I found myself eagerly attending automobile shows, machine shopsand machinery design exhibitions thereon forth. Some of my previous professional accomplishments include workingin an automobile company as a Mechanical Technician. This was where I workedclosely with machines for the first time in the industry. My next stint wasworking as a CNC Machinist in an Aerospace company. I was soon promoted to theposition of a Mechanical Engineer due to my proven skills, contributions andideas.

I was part of the elite team that designed the Boeing B787 Throttle forsimulation purposes. This experience was my first ever designing exposure as a Mechanicalengineer, proving to be a tremendous success for my company. I believe, my graduate studies at RyersonUniversity can help me explore how mechanical systems within organizationsshould evolve, enabling different functions to benefit from its functionalprogress.   I aspire to pursue specialization in Manufacturing, Materials andSolid Mechanics. These are the areas and fields of study that I would like toenhance my skills and abilities in. I’d also like to point out that I wouldlike to do MEng project, however due to various professional reasons I have tosubstitute it with courses instead. For this program, I aspire to gain in-depth knowledge in manufacturingtechnique, thereby enabling me to utilize my skills and expertise in helpingcompanies reduce production costs. Moreover, it is crucial for any company tounderstand the behaviour of materials such as their motion, properties anddeformation tendencies under the action of different elements.

This know-how wouldenable a professional like me to help such companies in their system design. I am eager to acquire skills enable managingtechnology-driven organizations, encourage innovation, and empower one to keep pacewith evolving technologies in the mechanical engineering realm. The great Sir Arthur Ashe once said: “Oneimportant key to success is self-confidence. An important key toself-confidence is preparation”. Having spent more than eight years in thecorporate world in areas of business and technology, I have utmost confidencein myself and my abilities. I believe my decision to graduate with RyersonUniversity’s Masters of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (M.

ENGG)Program will be a step in the right direction. It would support my longterm objective to contribute in the evolution and progress of the industryglobally, as well as in my home country of India. I sincerely look forward to being a part of your prestigiousinstitution of profound learning, and hope to bring unwavering laurels to youruniversity – in more ways than one. I am confident that mymotivation, personal skills, work experience and previous education will helpme successfully pursue my studies at Ryerson. Thanks for yourconsideration.