Technology shows that data works and travel, and how

             Technology became a massive part of our life.

It does various kind of tasks that make a huge help to all kinds of species and people are striving for the latest technology that benefits them. We rely on our smartphones and computers to interact. The importance of technology allows the communication to be more convenient and in some ways, more effective.

The technological progress in our nation is vital in the fields of business, health, and education. In fact, technology affects our way of communication that travels along with an information.            The film “Warriors of the Net” shows that data works and travel, and how we can able to access it. There are some characters that play an important role in the film; Transmission Control Protocol or commonly known as the Internet Protocol – used by applications that require guaranteed delivery.

According to my professor in Huawei Training Center, everything that you do on the internet has a protocol. The protocol is the procedure or the system of rule. He said,” When sending and receiving a data there’s a protocol if you’re gonna make a call there is a protocol.”             User Datagram Protocol or UDP. UDP network traffic is organized in the form of datagrams.  It lies on the Transport layer where it establish an end-to-end connection between the two devices.

The main protocols of Transport Layer in UDP are: Connectionless, Trust less, Suit the application that concerns transmission efficiency and Reliability depends on application. Router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Router runs in the layer 3 which is the Network layer, the core function is interconnection of the networks. Network layer is the data forwarding in the different network device. Network address identifies a device in the network layer uniquely.

Addressing root selection / identifier is IP Address. Router keeps a routing table at any time, sending and forwarding of all messages. Router maintain a routing table all the time, all the message are sent from corresponding interface via lookup routing table.

It can be static configuration, it also can be generated by dynamic routing protocols. Routing table includes the following contents: Destination address, Network mask, Outgoing interface, and Next hop.