Technology further increase my knowledge and potential in order

Technologyis growing at a very fast pace according to the requirements of the users. Withthis letter I want to express my desire and views. My name is Suheb Md, I havecompleted my undergraduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering atGITAM University Hyderabad. GITAM University is ranked among the top 10universities in India and is known for its excellent academic record. Pursuing mystudies in Mechanical Engineering I have learnt all the principles, tools andprocesses required for various machine tools and for the working of different machines.

I have a vision to reach the pinnacle of success with my innate potential, knowledgeand positive attitude. In my opinion Graduate study is the next step to furtherincrease my knowledge and potential in order to succeed and reach my goals.Mylove for machines developed since my childhood days, I was fascinated by the movementof wheels of a car and would be anxious to know its’ working. After completingmy schooling I found out that to pursue my career in the world of machines Ineed to opt for mathematics and physical sciences stream so, I took that andperformed well in that course. After giving an entrance examination for myundergraduate studies GAT and scoring a rank of 124 out of 1 lakh students Iwas privileged to get admitted into GITAM University with Mechanical Engineeringas my intended major. During this course I have developed interest inAutomobile Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design and Power plant Engineering.I performed  consistently well in my undergraduateexams and secured an aggregate CGPA of 7.

94/10.In this period of my study Icould shape up my skills in a productive manner and now I would be intrigued touse my knowledge to do Master’s in your esteemed university.Initialyears at GITAM University were very crucial for developing new skills and learningsoftware that are used in designing and simulations. I learnt software likeAuto cad, CATIA V5, ANSYS for better understanding of design specifications andother mechanical properties of materials and machines. I have also excelled inthe Auto Cad examination and received a professional certificate from Autodesk.Learningthe design and simulation software helped me choose and get approval for mymajor project as “Dynamic Rover Suspension”. It is a type of suspension used inMars Rover it is called as Rocker Bogie Mechanism. The Rocker-Bogie designconsisting of no springs and stub axles in each wheel which allows the chassisto climb over any obstacles, such as rocks, ditches, sand, etc.

that are up todouble the wheel’s diameter in size while keeping all wheels on the groundmaximum time. As compared to any suspension system, the tilt stability islimited by the height of the center of gravity and the proposed system has thesame. I was the leader of the team and was involved in major portions of theproject like designing, testing and fabricating the rover. The finished productwas very accurate according to the dimensions and performed according to theproposed specifications and I received an outstanding grade for my project.Withardent interest in automobiles and diesel engines I applied for an internshipat Diesel Loco Shed South Central Railways India and was one of the few membersto be shortlisted for the internship to be carried out for a period of 2 months.I worked on “Air Brake Testing of Locomotives” “Power Pack Engine Load Bar Test”.AnAir Brake System is a power braking system with compressed air as the operatingmedium. I have learnt about different kinds of valves involved in the systemand the working of the air brake system from collection of air to applicationof brakes.

The Load Bar Test is used to check the capability and performance ofengine by simulating actual working conditions of the locomotive at ratedoutput. In this I learnt about various mechanical systems involve in producingenergy and their working.Iwas part of the ISTE student chapter which provided me opportunity to attendmany technical workshops and events conducted by eminent personalities. I wasalso a student representation member of The Institution of Engineers India atcollege level. I participated in a workshop of assembling and disassembling ofengines and secured first position.Besidesmy curriculum as a part of GITAM Science And Activity Centre (GUSAC), I was memberof Kalakrithi cultural club and actively participated in various culturalevents like dramatics and singing. I was an active member of EWB student chapterand volunteered in construction of toilets in Rudraram village for hygiene andhealth of people. I was a member of the organizing committee of the annual culturaland technical fest of college PRAMANA 2K16 and volunteered the events.

Apartfrom this I have been the active participant in the sports events like Cricket,Kho-Kho. I also took part in the Airtel Marathon conducted by Airtel in 2015.All these activities have given me the confidence and inspiration to participatein the process of acquiring and sharing knowledge. I have great admiration for your University,one of the best Universities in Germany for its impressive opportunities andresources. I have also taken the opinion of many professors and seniors aboutmy choice of university and this has strengthened my views to study at youresteemed university. I truly believe that this step today will shape up myfuture and upon completing my Masters I would like to develop my career in thefield of Automobiles.

I also believe that sound graduate program would be ofutmost importance for realizing my professional ambitions.