Teaching teacher provide an effective classroom environment (Walker, 2008).

Teaching should be for active
learning, for cooperation and for creating meaning in order to be effective.
Teachers should give extra attention to communication skills and development of
effective oral (Ansari, Malik, 2013).

The effective teacher has three important features. There

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the complications; for the reason that students and regulations which are
taught are complicated, teaching is complicated.

obviously; likewise content, explaining communication of assumptions,
assistance, and caring are the teacher’s job.

conscientious; effective teachers think their students, care about them and
their students notice this caring and they feel supported, encouraged thanks to
their teachers. The effective teachers provide coordinated and positive
learning ambiance and care about classroom (Stronge, 2011).

Finally, being effective is important
for an effective teaching process. Knowing deficiencies for improving them and
being a good teacher provide an effective classroom environment (Walker, 2008).
The teachers’ influence on learners is powerful and long-lasting.  What they learn, how much they learn, and
their interaction between each other and the world are all affected by teachers
directly. In consideration of all these, the influence of teachers on learners
is very high degree and it is important to understand that teachers should
build up positive consequences of the students’ lives. Effectiveness is an
ambiguous concept to explain when considering the complex task of teaching.
Because there are many areas which influence of teachers is on learners, it is
hard to explain what outcomes may be represented as the evidence of
effectiveness and how those outcomes should be considered. Moreover, there are
a lot of reasons which are out of the teachers’ control can affect the possible
measures of effectiveness (Stronge, 2011).