Task which can take time to interpret fully, untrained

Task 5: There are 3 main pictorial techniques. Isometric, cavalier, cabinet and 1st and 3rd angle orthographic projections, there are benefits and limitations to these drawings in certain scenarios. Here I will list the benefits and limitations of these techniques. The benefits of 3rd and 1st angle orthographic projections are that it follows universal standards used by engineers worldwide, all sides are depicted clearly in high levels of detail, it’s also easy to find faults or flaws as all possible views and details are included, all the information is neatly laid out as there are no repetition of dimensions, the technical information is given a defined space and is used as a guide from which other drawings can be created. The limitations of 3rd and 1st angle orthographic projections are that the 2D drawing limits the realism which can take time to interpret fully, untrained readers might struggle to visualize the object into 3D, specialist knowledge of mathematical symbols and also the use of engineering standards, also specialized equipment is also required, people who are new to engineering drawing require specialist training to be able to produce the drawing effectively and consumers may also not understand the drawing fully which can affect decisions made to purchase the product depicted. The benefits of cabinet and cavalier projections are that it is very to draw with very little training also the 45-degree angle is easily measured by novices, it presents a clear front view of an object with an element of a 3D appearance and it requires no specialist equipment.

 The limitations of cabinet and cavalier projections are that it can look less realistic than isometric and 2-point perspective drawings as the side and top view can appear unconvincing in shape, it can be difficult to dimension and ratio can have the appearance of being incorrect, you can’t see the back of the product and is basically a 2D image of a product with forced depth, professionals view this design as crude. The pictorial technique of the drawing is isometric, now the benefits of this are that it provides an overall 3D view of the product, when used as an exploded diagram it can indicate where parts fit together, it is used everywhere as graphic designers and engineers from a variety of sectors to convey a realistic 3D image and also is good for consumers to present 3D image of a product. The limitations of the isometric technique are that it requires a high level of skill to produce readable drawings, no dimensions as the 3D view would make them difficult to interpret, although should be sketched to scale and also the rear of the object is not visible which may mean that important information isn’t visible. 

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