Task server technology ranges from ASP.NET, ASP and ColdFusion,

Task 1IntroductionNowadays, the popularity of internet is increasedand millions of businesses use it as a cost-effective channel. On this channel,they can exchange information with their target market and make fast, securetransactions. However, effective engagement can be performed when the businessis able to capture and store all the necessary business data, and have a meansof processing this information and presenting results to the user. The only wayto perform this case can be performed by using web application.What is web application?A web application is a computer program thatutilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the internet. Itcan be developed a combination of server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) to handlethe storage and retrieval of the information, and client-side scripts(JavaScript and HTML) to present information to users.

This allows users tointeract with the company using online forms, content management systems,shopping carts and more. In addition, the applications allow employees tocreate documents, share information, collaborate on projects, and work oncommon documents regardless of location or device. How a webapplication worksSome web applications are usually coded inbrowser-supported language such as JavaScript and HTML as these language relyon the browser to render the program executable.

Some web applications aredynamic so that it requiring server-side processing. Others are completelystatic with no processing required at the serverThe web application requires a web server to managerequest from the client, an application server to perform the task requestedand sometimes, a database to store the information. Application servertechnology ranges from ASP.NET, ASP and ColdFusion, to PHP and JSP.Here is what a typical web application flows look like:1.    Users triggers arequest to the web server over the Internet, either through a web browser orthe application’s user interface2.

    Web serverforwards this request to the appropriate web application server.3.    Web applicationserver performs requested task – such as querying the database or processingthe data – then generates the results of the requested data.4.    Web applicationserver results to the web server with the requested information or processeddata.5.    Web serverresponds back to the client with the requested information then appears on theuser’s display.AC1.

1 Functionalityof a websiteThe functionality of a web application is importantparts of the web application. It is the interaction between the web user andvisitor. The function of the website is difference according to the differenceorganizational purpose for the website. The functionality of web applicationallows the user to respond in some way according to its purpose. The design andfeatures of the web application may be varies but the functionality is thesame. Here are some of the functions of the web application.

·      Contentmanagement system·      Contact form·      Estimate form·      Newsletter signup·      Social mediaintegration·      Online store·      Credit cardprocessing·      Member area·      File download /upload·      Appointment booking·      Event calendarFunctions of theOnline Learning systemOnline learning web application is the applicationwhich can help in delivering training materials and/or gained skillsdevelopment to the user. Online learning is a way of studying through onlinewithout needing to addend on campus. The online learning website aims at thosewho wish to study for postgraduate qualification alongside work or othercommitments. It includes learning with assistance of the internet and apersonal computer. So to provide learning assistance to the web application,some of the functions are considered to be used. They areCourse CreationCourse Creation is the most basic function of theonline learning website. Online Learning website should add course creationfunction to be online learning website so that online user of this website canlearn course from it.

This is essential for online learning process which canbe used to build the learning materials into the system.Skills/Certification TrackingSkills and certification tracking function should beadded to the system because it can motivate to every kind of users of onlinelearning website. This function provides the user with certificate of theirskills after completing their course or training. Mobile learningThis function should be added to implement theonline learning website due to the increase of mobile capabilities. Implementingthe responsive web design can fit the purpose of this function. So, learner canparticipate the learning in any location using whether device they used.

Asynchronous LearningOnline learning website tends to engage the onlineleaner to by the use of asynchronous functions. This features provides thelearner with videos, online readings, messaging and question/answers forum sothat the learner can complete their course at their place without needing totalk with lecture or instructorGamificationGamification is the rarely added function to thewebsite. But it can turn learning into the friendly competition if it is usedin the right way. The games concerns with courses or training will engage theonline learner and it does not matter to the subject. Video ConferencingVideo conferencing is the feature that helps thestudent who need one on one attention or have complicated question withinstructor. Although most of the students can communicate the instructor withmessaging board or email, some of the students need this feature.Social Learning/ Message BoardsThis function can be done by providing messageboards and social learning features.

This can help students to learn eachother. Besides, students can share their topic and questions/answers on themessage board. This will make in the enhancement of the online learningprocess.Ecommerce and SubscriptionsSome online learning web applications do this fortheir business.

With this function, users have to make email subscription ormake one-time payment or monthly subscription to complete a course or learningmodule.Benefits of the webapplicationAccessible anywhereThe user can access the web based applicationanytime, anywhere via any device with an Internet connection. Besides the webapplication provide the real time collaboration.CompatibilityThe web based applications are compatible becausethey do not depend on the operational system like traditional software.

Theydepend on web browser such as internet explorer; Firefox, etc. are availablefor multiple platform so that whether the different operations such as Windows,Linux, or Mac OS, the web application can run on it without problem.Easily customizableThe web application can be customized easily thanthe desktop application. The user interface of the web application can updateand customized to present the different user group because the web applicationprovides the server operation to the client.

Once the customization in webserver did, it changed exactly to the same interface at all clients.Accessible for a range of devicesBesides the web application can be customizedeasily, they can be accessible in many device types such as computers, laptop,tablet or mobile phone, etc. This can be done by the use of responsive design.So, every user can access web application with their own device.Easier installation and maintenanceThe web applications are easier installation andmaintenance than other applications because it is only installed on the hostserver.

The user can access to the host server to use web application. Once theadministrator or programmers make upgrade or installation to the host server, theentire user can access the upgrade or new version of the web application. Thereis no need to install on the client device.Increased SecurityOnce the web applications are hosted on the webserver, monitoring and maintenance can be done by the web administrator. So,there is easier to monitor and maintain the web application in case of desktopapplication. Therefore, the security is tighter and any security breaches canbe noticed easily.Draw Back of webapplicationInternet RelianceThis is one of the common drawbacks of the webapplication.

This can be occurred when user access the web application in thearea that has not been connected to the internet. This is because the web applicationcan be accessed only through the internet. Security issuesNot every web application is secure enough to beused. The data of the web are less secure when the different users from allover the world are accessing the same hosted server. But there are some ways toreduce the security risks such as email encryption, and using HTTPS protocol.Reduced SpeedThere will be reduction in speed compare to the desktopapplication or own server.

There may be slightly decreasing in the speed of theweb application when it is the World Wide Web access.Browser supportThere may be some issues when the user does not usethe updated version of the web browser which they used to access the website. Thisis because some functions and features cannot work on the older browsers. Thiswill be one of the advantages of the web application.Advantages of OnlineLearning Web applicationVariety of programs and coursesThere are varieties of courses and programs in eLearningcompare to the traditional learning. The internet offers a wide range ofprograms or courses compare to the learning from traditional universities or college.

So the user can find desire subject on internet and learn from it. This can improveto the students carrier.Lower total costsOnline learning courses can be more affordable thanlearning in traditional colleges.

Not all online learning have less expensivethan the traditional learning but the students can learn the course in free. Besidesthere is no need to pay for the transportation costs, course materials such astextbooks because they are free in online. Then the online learning can savethe students’ cost in some ways.

More comfortable learning environmentThis is one of the advantages of eLearning. Due tothe accessible, compatible of the web application, the user can study theircourse anywhere either in home. Online studying does not have class section,and lectures and other materials goes electronically on internet so that thestudents can study, and complement the assignments online. This makes more comfortablelearning environment than traditional learning.

Convenience and flexibilityThe online learning is convenience and flexibilityto the people who need to balance work and family commitments with studying time.Online learning gives opportunities to this people to plan study time as desiretime. This is because course materials are always accessible online so thatthere is no need to worry about the time to study.

More interaction and greater ability to concentrateThe online learning is more interaction and greater abilityto concentrate to some students because there is no distracted by otherstudents and classroom activity like traditional learning. Some students areshy to participate in class discussions or chats with face to face, so that theonline learning are more interaction and greater ability to these students asthese students can learning in their comfort place.Career advancementOnline learning can take career advancement inpeople who are in worked or in taking time to raise a family. This is because theuser can learn courses online while working or in family time. This will be oneof the benefits of the online learning.Improve your technical skillsLearning the online courses required basic computerskills as students learn to navigate different online learning management andprograms.

So the technical skills of students can be improved with onlinelearning as students can be professions in creating and sharing documents,incorporating audio/video materials into the assignments and completing onlinesessions, etc;Transfer creditsThe online learning web site offers the onlinepayment or credits. This will be advantage to the students who want to attendthe college but live too far from their colleges. In this case, online learningwebsite offers online payment so that the students will be able to earn collegecredit to study. Disadvantages ofOnline Learning Web ApplicationInternet Connection ProblemsThe online learners may face to the problems whilethere is a problem of the internet connections.

The online learning isdepending on the internet so that it is not possible to learn online course ifthere is no internet or slow connection.Requires a Good Grasp of Tech SkillsThere are some people who do not have enough technicalskills like how to how to navigate the screen and downloading and uploading materialsthis is not easy in learning online courses for those people without theseskills. Lacks the Warmth of Face to Face InteractionOnline learning is learning alone as there is noclassmate like traditional class. The traditional learning is more interestingbecause the human interaction is present and able to communicate with face toface. This lacks in online learning.

Unsuitable for Hands-on FieldsThere are courses that require many practicalsessions such as surgery, medicine, and the sciences. You will need a lab,which online programs cannot offer.Stressful for Those with Weak CharacterThere are some students with lazy types. If thesestudents take online course, it will be a waste of time and money especiallyfor the professional courses. Besides, there is no tutor to follow up thesestudents. In these case, this is better for ordinary classroom based courses.Possibility of DistractionsAlthough the students can study online courses anytime,anywhere, there will be some disturbances while they studying. This could benoise from environments and using social media and other entertainment website.

This could disturb in the learning of online courses. This is because there isno discipline for students like traditional learning.