Taking show a person that life is like a

Taking this course Imost definitely have grown to have a better understanding of life. Changes thatwe encounter in life evolve around mental and physical development, throughstages and experiences during our life journey .

In my opinion, Psychology can showa person that life is like a camera that everyone can see through, but havedifferent perspective on the image being looked at, due to the different lensthat capture the picture ” experiences” metaphorically speaking. These ideassome psychologist call theories make a great connection with understandingdifferent types of research methods to achieve ones goal.            I vigorously feel that understandingdifferent research methods can give a researcher or simply a curious collegestudent a wider range of clarity in an area of study. Different methods ofresearch in an area of study help develop/gives more effective understandingwhen you are familiar with the purpose.

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All research methods have different orthe same purpose with different levels of persuasiveness. Today in the world welive in, we have access to so much contemporary technology, that can becomeconfusing to gain knowledge or understanding when there’s so much plagiarismand fake research online. Even though it’s easier to access the temporary technologyits not alway the best way to study research. Other research methods that aregreat for studying are case study, surveys, naturalistic observation, andlaboratory observation. These methods give the view more up close andpersonal-deeper look at whats being experimented. Reading my psychology bookand getting familiar with different research methods allows me an advantage,being aware of the importance in exercising different learning styles.

Excisingdifferent learning styles is a excellent way to learn about life throughdifferent lens “experiences.”             I have learned from the reading that mostpsychologist have focused their attention on understanding different aspects ofbehavior and life development throughout history. It has amazed me how differentpsychologist like Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, and John B.

Watson conducteddifferent cognitive(mental) and physiological (body) experiment to understandsome of the same ideas such as “behaviorism.” Their ideas and experiments hasgave me a great deal of knowledge knowing that different scientific method ofresearch alway leaves room for a new perspective to become revealed.By the same token,two psychologist Jean Piaget and Erick Erickson’s study the lifespandevelopment through two different research methods, one cognitive developmentand the other psychological development. Piaget theory of cognitive developmentcan apply to people around the world easily.

Piaget believed that childrendeveloped cognitive processes- thinking , remembering , and processinginformation through growth stage development. I truly feel that all people andfamilies structure, and foundation are different that result in unequaloutcomes. For example, Piaget perspective on page 387 “A “bright” child mayprocess through the stages faster than a child who is less intellectuallycapable.

A child whose environment provides ample  and varied opportunities for exploration islikely to progress faster than a child who has limited  environmental opportunities. Thus, eventhough the sequence of the stages is universal, there can be individualvariation in the rate of cognitive development. This example gives evidencesthat its not just about your environment but also level of exposure to becomefamiliar with the things around you. Piaget idea of the cognitive developmentwas clear understanding that a child may be able to emerge intellectual levelthrough their own accomplishments. I do agree with Piaget theory to a certainextent because the cognitive development reminds me of extrinsic and intrinsicmotivation. knowing that when you observe, learn, and then apply actiondevelopmental proceeds become concrete “accomplishments.

”            In contrast, Lev Vygtsky, Russianpsychologist who pronounce the impact of social and cultural factors on cognitivedevelopment cause make a strong point on his perspective on page 391 thatstates ” children are able to attain higher levels of cognitive developmentthrough the support and instruction that they receive from other people. Iactively agree with his argument regarding support from other make adifference. In my personal life as a mother I most definitely experience thechallenges that my daughter faces in school academically.

I was very happy thati had the experience and exposure need to give her to success mathematically.In Lev perspective he mention on page 391 that older children and adults play asignificant role in a child’s cognitive development. In my life as a child mymom would always say it takes a village to raise a child, then i never reallyunderstood the statement, now I DO! I strongly feel that in my family and otherculture universally, influence- encourage their youth to encounter the skillsneeded show competence to survive in a circumstantial environment. I feel theend result in both Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky argue depends on theindividual, their family, and their environment, which are some of themainstreams to lifespan development.            Furthermore, Erick Erickson sharedhis theory of psychological stages of development through life  period within structure, infancy-lateadulthood.

I absolutely love the way Erick was thinking when he came up withhis theory. I know that Erickson theory can applies to almost everyone livingin my opinion. In my personal life I feel you have to know who you are as aperson to survive.

I believe if you don’t stand for something you’ll stand foror believe anything! Erick theory basically refers to identity as the leadingsource. Erick mention on page 397 that identity refer to his/her sense of self,including her memories, experiences, and the value and beliefs that guidehis/er behavior. As we embrace new and different roles over the course of ourlives, we define ourselves in new ways. Erick analysis the outcome of histheory through positive and negative resolutions, in a way this method remindsme of the “law of effect.”For example, in my life as an adult I experience themiddle adulthood stage generatively vs.

stagnation. I found myself always havea unconditional care of other that didn’t share the same line of emotionalfeeling for me, which lead me to feel stagnated, with a lack of meaningfulaccomplishments in my life, due to my attention being on other an self. A lotof the stages that are introduce in Erick’s theory relate to my personal life,some positive and some negative. In my eyes from a person that experiencemultiple stages throughout my journey into adulthood help shape and mode meinto the person I am today. We live in a forever changing world with differentsociety, that allows us to learn and grow during moratorium periods in ourlives.            Moreover, I think that Lev Vygotskytheory can support Erickson’s theory in a positive manner without invaliding.

Ifeel they both support one another on the basic of the social environment playsa role in the psychosocial development and the zone of proximal development.Both provide evidence that people around you including family, friends, andregular unknown individuals help you learn how to trust, your strengths,weakness, and true identity within.            Onthe other hand I think that contemporary schools give children all the toolsthey need to gain knowledge and become educated. The platform it’ self isorganized with enough class to sit several students and enough books areprovided to have the resource and staff present for authority. Beside thestructure and foundation of school I feel there is to much room for failure inregards to program being fund for student that don’t share the same learningabilities. Its surprises me every time I hear that school are not being fundedenough for extracurricular activities and learning program, to inspire childrento stay in school and further their education.

Moreover,Contemporary school help student sometime in a positive or negative way inregards to social psychology. Most student in school have learned the conceptof self through social interaction. Contemporary school jobs are to helpdevelop and prepare kid for the outside society expectation in the world. Ifeel that student don’t receive the full support that is need to be prepare forthe world because the world is always changing, but the academic curriculumdon’t change. There are several skills that need to be learned that school canprovide but don’t due to student not having enough money for the program or notenough education to get in. I strongly feel that contemporary school shouldprovide more equal opportunity for family from all different background.

At theend of the day i feel that the world could be a better place if the we allshared each other experience and came up with a way to make everyone up lifteach other to change.