Taboo a certain patriarchy and the superiority of the

Taboo topics have been part of people’s lives for centuries.

In today’ssociety, there are more and more. Among these, there is one in particular thathas been talking for nearly 30 years, and touches us, near or far. This taboosubject is, unsurprisingly, the question related to whether or not, theabortion for sex selection is something morally right. A sex selective abortionis an abortion based solely on the sex of the child.

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This mainly affects femalefetuses, in countries where cultural norms value males over females. I believe thatit is necessary that this procedure should be criminalized because it is verydetrimental to moral principle as far as human equality is concern. But on theother hand, the governments had to legalize abortion because there are manybenefits to legal abortion and too many risks associated with illegal abortion.Also, it protects our society and it is a right acquired by the woman.                   First, I will talk about abortion in a nutshell. Abortion, or abortion,is the voluntary termination of a pregnancy. During a therapeutic abortion, theembryo can be removed or expelled from the uterus, depending on the methodchosen.

There are two methods: medical abortion, where pregnancy is interruptedwith medication, or surgical abortion, where a doctor removes the embryo andplacenta tissue. Abortion is one of the most common procedures performed in theworld. Sex selection is mostly practiced because of the predominance of acertain patriarchy and the superiority of the masculine gender, certainly.which then can contribute to imbalance of sex ratio. But this choice isreinforced by the modernization of health services. But I believe that womencan legally use it when they see the need. One does not abort on a whim, tohave fun or gender preference. One aborts because one believes, in allconscience, that one cannot carry out this pregnancy and this maternity.

Onedoes not abort by weakness, by inhumanity, by stupidity, or by cowardice.Defending sex selection for example with reasons such as “our belly belongs tous” and “no other human has the right to impose on us what we should do or whatshould or should not happen there” is definitely not morally right. No babies haveever done anything to deserve such a death penalty. Abortion can be a solution when pregnancy puts the woman’s life at riskas a result of certain complications. I also believe that it is necessary togeneralize when one speaks of danger for the life of the woman. Indeed, as insome countries where abortion is still illegal today, the safety of women andchildren is compromised. When the fetus is considered endangered, that is tosay when there is a significant risk that the child is suffering from physicalmalformation or significant psychological alterations, or when the livingconditions that could result in the birth may endanger the physical orpsychological health of the mother, abortion should be tolerated and, in myopinion, considered the most logical choice.

Thousands of people buy or adopt apet every year and then leave it on the next vacation because it hinders theirmovement and leisure. It’s selfish and irresponsible, isn’t it? but, to suppress the life of an unborn child, a life in the making, forno other reason than one does not want to have a male or female child at thistime, is morally unsustainable. How can I justify sacrificing a life in my ownbreast just because it does not suit me?Abortion is something that is strongly discouraged because it disruptsthe functioning of the woman’s body and can be seriously dangerous for herhealth.

In addition, we know that the baby is struggling during the operationand that he therefore manifests his fear. Some people think he is alive then. Sexselective abortion is therefore a murder because one kills a human being.Indeed, some scientists claim that life begins at the very second offertilization. Sex selection abortion or abortion in general is a murder.

Yes, I weighthe word. It is a death because a human being is killed because he does nothave the means to protect himself against his tormentors. Man is not first abody, it is first of all, a soul. I do not declare it in relation to any faithor religion, but in relation to the natural life. Life begins in the belly,already. The fetus is alive, totally and completely alive.

Only he is unable towalk, to speak, to make choices … he is dependent. Because he cannot defendhimself, one gives oneself the right to choose to kill him or to let him live.

Science could not be clearer. In utero human beings are alive, distinct, andunique. Starting from conception, a new human life begins. Ending hisher lifefor reasons such as sex selection does not only end a life but end an existenceof an individual human being with a significant amount of potentiality. Wewould do well to consider the conclusion of modern science that reveals thehumanity of the unborn child. Civil rights are violated when people aredeprived of their basic rights in a discriminatory way. Unborn children aredeprived of life which is the most principal & elementary virtue foreverybody.

It’s discriminatory, inhumane and cruel.