Taare Maya Awasthi the one who frustrated by her

Taare Zameen Par, titled LIKE STARS on EARTH internationally, is a 2007 Indian drama film produced and directed by Aamir Khan Darsheel Safary stars as 8 year old Ishaan Awasthi, and Khan plays his art teacher. Creative director and writer Amole Gupte initially developed the idea with his wife Deepa Bhatia, who served as a film’s editor. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed the film’s score, and Prasoon Joshi wrote the lyrics for many of the songs. Principal photography took place in Mumbai and Panchgani’s New Era High School, and some of the school’s students make appearances. The movie released in 21 December 2007. The film explores the life and imagination Ishaan, an 8 year old dyslexic child. Who don’t want in school and fails every test he take. He find all subjects very hard and when the teacher say something about what their going to do Ishaan can’t take that or I just say slowly mind to pick up a simple instruction and because of that the teacher and his classmate are berated Ishaan. But Ishaan’s in his own world is full of wonders that he is unable to convey to others. Wonderful imagination he have like magical lands filled with colour and animated animals. He is talented artist that unrecognized.Nandkishore Awasthi father of Ishaan is a successful executive who expect his children to excel. His mother, housewife Maya Awasthi the one who frustrated by her inability to educate Ishaan. Yohaan Awasthi, Ishaan’s elder brother is am exemplary scholar and athlete the opposite of Ishaan.Ishaan’s parent go to  school of  Ishaan and they talk to the teacher because of their son’s problem in academics. They said that Ishaan need to go to a special school where he is belong. After that talk Ishaan’s parent have an dispute. And Ishaan’s father decided that Ishaan needs to a boarding school and he think that is the right thing to do for his son. They never see in the situation of Ishaan is he need a family who can understand his problem. But the decision is final and his mother did not do anything. And because of what they did the situation of Ishaan is getting worse. There’s no new thing in Ishaan new school because every thing was the same in his old school but there’s one kid who name Rajan in the same class with disabilities and he is one of the top students in class. They became friends but because Rajan think that Ishaan is contemplate suicide by climbing up the fence in a terrace which Rajan manages to save him but because  of what happen Ishaan change he never do what he’s doing before when he was with his family. Especially when he’s painting and imagining happy thoughts about life. Because in his case that is the thing he’s doing when he bully or insulted by others. They never appreciate the small thing that Ishaan made.The days passed Ishaan don’t want to talk to his parents anymore because Ishaan think that it is a punishment he deserve because he was very stubborn and about his academic performance. After that day they meet new teacher in art this teacher name Ram Shankar Nikumbh was very unique person and it has an own perspective in life. Not just because he is an instructor at the Tulips School for young children with developmental disabilities. And because Nikumbh’s teaching style is markedly different from other strict teacher, and he quickly observers that Ishaan is unhappy and contributes little to class activities. He saw in Ishaan eyes that the kid needs an attention and a person who can believe in his ability. Ram did not judge the opportunity to help Ishaan not because he saw himself in Ishaan situation. So this is the beginning Nikumbh reviews Ishaan’s work and concludes that his academic shortcomings are indicative of dyslexia.When Nikumbh off day he visit the parent of Ishaan in Mumbai. He was asmaze that Ishaan is passionate about paintings and has a breast talent in art. And there is a notebook inside the notebook is family that when you swipe it fast you can see a one child that is going away. That’s Ishaan work they said. And he got an opportunity to ask Ishaan’s fasther, why he sent Ishaan in a boarding school. Because he was an ill- mannered boy and a poor student he answer. After that Nikumbh take a deep breathe and say Ishaan has severe difficulty in understanding letters and words. But Ishaan’s father want to dismiss and make an excuse about it. But Nikumbh push and demonstrate what experience at school every day and he prove that by the writing of Ishaan like an dancing letters and he state  that there son has a dyslexia.Nikumbh discuss about the dyslexia and for  Ishaan’s father to understand the situation of his son. After that Ishaan’s father  regrets everything he did to Ishaan. When he was done he return to the school and subsequently brings up the topic of dyslexia in class and offer a list of famous people who were dyslexic. And then later on he reveal that he is one of them just like in Ishaan he said. He decided that he need to help Ishaan so he go to e principal  he discuss everything and his willing to help Ishaan. When it approve he use remedial techniques to improve Ishaan in reading and writing. Ishaan developed an interest in language and mathematics and because of that his grade was improve. For the end of the school year, Nikumbh organises an art fair for everyone. The competition is judged by artist Latina Lajmi. Ishaan’s paint declared a winner while the Nikumbh portrait of Ishaan is runner-up. And because of that Nikumbh was hired as the school’s permanent art teacher. When the parents of Ishaan and Nikumbh meet they are very speechless by the transformation of there son. Ishaan’s father thanks Nikumbh. When Ishaan’s need to go for vacation he went back and run to Nikumbh who gives him a hug tight.The story that would eventually became ever child special as a way of understanding why some children cannot conform to a conventional education system. And in the interview with The Hindu that her ordinal inspiration was not dyslexia but rather the childhood Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, who performed poorly in school. That her goal was to explore the story of a child who did not fit into the school stream. That’s became inspiration for how a teacher could transform the life of a student. “EVERY CHILD SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE TO FEEL SPECIAL” it is true that all people in the world are young or adults who are sick or do not, need to feel that they are special until they are alive because it is difficult to bring back the children provide foundation for a family and they are also come to you when your home and when you feel the times you want to give up remember and think they’ve got the value. And you can help them in their needs.