SUMMARY (24902) STEM Education: Inferring Promising Systems Changes from

SUMMARY  (24902) STEMEducation: Inferring Promising Systems Changes from Experiences with MIT  BLOSSOMS Education system has many complexity and has manydiscipline.

Our present education system is old and it needs to change withmodern technology. MIT BLOSSOMS also faced many complexities that influence theeducation system and find problems that faced education system. MIT BLOSSOMSprogram started in 2008.

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It provides STEM videos. These videos are aboutScience, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects. It is helpful to make anactive learning. This project has provided training to teachers of high schooland provides lessons that created by MIT staff.STEM EDUCATION NEW TECNOLOGY CHANGES EVERYTHING liketeachers teaching style  student carrier’students thinking  school atmosphere’system of evaluation’ standard of education improve the way of gettinginformation. New era of education demand a new and fast system of educationprograms offer new style of learning new methods of teaching and effectiveteaching strategy. In early 2000 teaching system face many problems likeeconomic and other crises but the stem education produce bright mind people inscience technology, engineering and mathematics.

Teachers teach the students incritical areas of mathematics and engineering education become most strongeffective learning through stem, MIT blossom. Which help theteacher and students to much in learning new things. It develop a new life newway of education. . BLOSSOMS faced failure and success in live classroom withthe result of different pedagogical models. Students become active in learningand accept challenges. In china this method is used in which a video showed tostudents and after few minutes paused it then teacher asked some questions fromstudents and involved them in discussion. Video involves some segments that arehelpful for clarifying concepts about content.

Basically this program isdesigned for introduce STEM teacher of STEM subjects that encourage students inactive learning. The purpose of video lesson is to provide practical knowledgeto students rather than book knowledge.This social media method develop the new score of studymake easy references and increase the percentage of student level ofmathematics and ensnaring study. Students able to control the new ideas andarchive their task through intellectual abilities. . These lessons are veryauthentic because different teachers work jointly for make these lessons.

Different websites are used for getting and submitting lesson plans. One ofthem is http:)// But only 3% teachers used this forsharing lessons. Most American teachers prepare lesson and delivers lessonalone. BLOSSOMS lesson are translated in 12 languages.

This help teachers to dolesson study it provides professional development to teacher through training.