Success to Jennifer L. Hochschild the problem of scarcity

Success is different in everyone’s field of profession. Especially salary wise. For example, one who wants to become a successful anesthesiologist will make an average of $270,000. On the other hand someone who wants to me a professional makeup artists will only make an average of $64,000. This is a huge salary difference. Although each personal will be happy with their salary because the American Dream is not becoming a millionaire. The American Dream is getting your dream job. Getting your dream job will lead to success and with success comes fortune. Although we all have to start from the very bottom of the status latter and we will all face scarcity. According to Jennifer L. Hochschild the problem of scarcity may be most devastating, however, for people anticipating absolute success or for people willing to see success almost anywhere. They, after all, have the least reason to expect failure. “Losers” of this type have an unmatched poignancy: “I don’t dream anymore like I used to. I believe that in this country, we would have all we needed for the decent life. I don’t see that any more,”. Conversely, the availability of resources and opportunities may shape the kind of success that Americans dream of. If resources are profoundly scarce (as in a famine) or inherently limited (as in the election to the presidency), people almost certainly envision competitive success in that arena. If resources are moderately scarce people will be concerned about their position relative to that of others, but will not necessarily see another’s gain as their loss. When resources and opportunities seem wide open and broadly defined–anyone can achieve salvation, get an “A” on a exam, laim 160 acres of western prairie–people are most free to pursue their idiosyncratic dreams and to measure their achievement by their own absolute standard. The only problem is that there are different levels of scarcity for every different kind of career path. Someone who wants to be a teacher might have an easier time getting their then a person who wants to be a Hollywood Film Director. This is the largest obstacle that people come across when going through their path of the American dream, but everyone will come to realize that being jealous of ones success is in actually dissimilar to them because their job might have been easier to achieve when compared to your job.