Studying if I say I have friends from London,

 Studyingabroad Havingexperience of 8 years working in overseas education firm, I land up meeting lotof aspiring people wish to study abroad.

There are different types of intensionsto study abroad, some of them are willing to study seriously and come back totheir countries and most they are having purpose of settling down, In shortapna sapna money money!!! Moving onwhatsoever your intension is if you are planning to study abroad it will belife changing experience for you, My husband have studied in Australia andcurrently in USA, I can differentiate Indian man mentality at very basic level,Abroad education really educates you. I have sent young girls just 18 years oldto study further right after her schooling and I still remember the girl was soconfident to stay alone and was ready to face any difficulty. So safety  wise there is no issue at all, Yes, youngboys out there you won’t get your mom to serve you everything on table anddoing your laundry, you have to do all your work by yourself. Here I want toshare my 8 years of experience with you all,  DifferentculturePerson sittingnext to you is maybe from China, UK, India or any part of the globe, everycountry and religion has their own culture and it’s really interesting to knowabout it, different culture teaches you a lot about humanity, It can bring goodchange in your life. BeautifulplacesIf someoneask me what excites you about abroad then my answer will be defiantly thebeauty, You name any famous study abroad destinations Like USA, UK, NZ,Australia, Germany, Canada every country has their own beauty, roads are clean,parking is very systematic, even road side plants are well maintained, there issystematic queue everywhere, fascinating night clubs, beaches, mountains, waterspots, cruise, different types of food, etc etc… Strong SocialNetwork What if I sayI have friends from London, USA, Pakistan, Iraq, China almost from every partof the world, you can build very strong social network, having different typesof friends may teach you many things in life and makes you a better person. Career OpportunitiesYes, once you finish yourgraduation some well known brands are waiting for you, If you are studying inGernamy you can get a chance to work with companies like BMW,SAP, Volkswagen.E-bay, Face book, Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Apple and many more in USA,  this is how you get an international exposureand opportunity to work with top brands of the world. PersonalDevelopment Nowadays, allthese personality development and grooming advertisements making me reallyupset, why do we have to pay for something which is self learning and one has toenhance and work on their self by their own, I do not agree after joining some instituteone can achieve the great personality.

Personal development grows within thetime. It grown with you depending on what type of people you are meeting ondaily basis, who are your friends you surrounds and the way you think your ownthought process, I can challenge you speak with local person and speak withsomeone who is studying abroad for five minutes, You will see the personal growthby your own I do not need to explain much more here. Learn newlanguages I just met agirl studying in UCLA third year and she can speak in 8 different languages,Isn’t that amazing, when asked her did you take any classes or is it your hobbyto learn many languages, what she told me was very touchy, she said growing upin Gujarati family taught me to make strong social network and help others inneed and following this eventually I have friends from almost all the regionnow and whenever we talk I teach them my language and it goes the other wayaround. Isn’t that the awesome way to learn a language from your best friends? Become an adult Staring wit morning tea to dinner, you are onyour own, there is no one to help you here, at very young age you become anadult, you can make your own decisions, take risk, face difficulties and win, stayingalone and handling life by your own may teaches you many things and make youmature person gradually.

 Gain life experienceTrust me onthis, even if you go back to your country once you finish your study you have alot to serve, You will be the different person a better person, when I speak tomy old students who are now graduated, married settle in life they always feelproud of their decision of studying abroad, it changes their entire point ofview towards life. You may achieve many other material things but your own lifeexperience of studying abroad is priceless. If you havestudies abroad or planning or already pursuing degree at abroad anywhere pleaseshare your experience in comment section below and let the world know aboutyou.