Student Truancy Essay

Student Truancy Student truancy is a major issue in junior high schools as well as high schools. Students do not realize the jeopardy they are putting their futures in just by missing, what seems to them a couple of classes. Students believe that missing class is not hurting anyone but they are wrong. When students miss a simple day of class they are hurting themselves, the teacher, as well as other students in their classes.

The students are hurting themselves by missing class and causing for the state to approach them for so many missed days. They are hurting other students because when they miss school and they come back, they cause the teacher to use other student’s time to describe that certain students missing work, and the student is hurting the teacher because it causes for the teacher to file unnecessary paper work because the student is not attending class on a regular bases.Many high schools have to be very careful because TEA has many surprise visits to high schools to check up on them and make sure everything is going accordingly to plan. If a certain High School has too many absent students, the school may be shut down for student truancy. One solution to student truancy could be to escort the students to their class but there are too many students to escort and there are not enough escorts.But maybe they could assign five kids per escort, and every day the students have to report to the escort and if the students do not the student will get automatic in school suspension.

Another way that students can report to class is if the students are given time cards and every day the teachers have to sign and date the card. That way when the students report to the truancy judge again, the students have proof that they were in class because the students have their teacher’s signatures. These could be two possible solutions.