Stem patient’s hospital room ( Lee K.H, 2000) .

Stem cell therapy has and will continue to be an emerging newapproach in almost every major hospital/ research center through-out themedical industry.  Stem cell therapyprovides an immense amount of medical benefits for many different fieldsincluding: finding potential cures for MS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, burns, andspinal cord injuries. The research of stem cell therapy is growingsignificantly within the burn ICU’s at major hospitals (John Hopkins University,2016). Severe burn victim researchers have a growing interest in stem celltherapy.

Researchers have found that burn stem cell therapy is beneficial for the:replacement of damaged skin, immune system suppression, quicker recovery time, inflammation,decrease in pain, and the  enhancement ofwound healing (Costagliola, Artiyeh, 2016). One of the biggest focuses is wound healing. The process ofwound healing from stem cells can be performed by a simple application of cellsto the affected area. Depending on how severe the burns are, this is non-invasiveprocedure done in the patient’s hospital room ( Lee K.H, 2000) . The doctor ornurse will clean the burn area and then use a specific cell spray, which containsa fibrin sealant. The fibrin sealant is then immediately followed by a skingraft (Phillips, October 11,2017).

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 Theprocess of covering the cells, creates a temporary dressing, which will enhancethe signaling of cell paracrine and the homing of the cells. The procedureneeds to happen immediately after the debridement of the patient or it will nottreat the area appropriately. Delays in treating the burn wounds can significantlyworsen patient’s pain, delay overall healing time, and increase infection and overallscarring.  Stem cell research is in its early stages of development,even though there has been significant advances in the market. Throughout the continuousgrowing process, there still continues to be controversies.  The biggest controversy that arise from the researchis obtaining of the embryonic stem cells.

 In order for the embryonic stem cells to be used, there is a destructionprocess of the blastocysts. These are specifically formed from laboratory-fertilizedhuman eggs. For those who believe that life begins at conception, like The CatholicChurch, it completely goes against their firm beliefs.  The blastocyst is a human life and to destroyit is immoral and completely looked down upon.

 Although this is still occurring, researchershave found different ways to obtain different stem cells. Stem cells can beobtained from cord blood or derived by manipulating cells to put the cell backto a pluripotent state. Use of adult-derived stem cells, from blood, cordblood, skin and other tissues, known as IPSCs.  These ways will not destroy a life atconception and will allow people to be more open about the research.

Eventhough there are a lot of controversies with stem cell research, it can completelychange the medical field, and even begin to save lives.