Statistically, at school. I find it extremely interesting and

Statistically, I have a fair chance to pursue a degree in Economics but the probability of me being offered a place at your university is directly proportional to what I write below.

So here goes…Solving problems, identifying trends and analysing patterns have been something I have enjoyed from a young age. Maths quickly became my favourite subject at school. I find it extremely interesting and challenging. I have developed strong analytical skills. Rational thinking, asking questions, applying logic and exploring problems without knowing the final solution amazes me every day to just how well they fit into life and human nature. Economics is the backbone of our society.

Governments need to fairly distribute limited funds into the NHS or education sector, companies needing to invest for future survival or individuals needing to work out how to spend their monthly salaries.  I would relish the opportunity to study Economics at degree level.Since the age of two, I have been raised solely by my mother which I feel has made me a more responsible, caring individual with a positive outlook on life. For almost 7 years my mum has been a registered childminder thus making me very experienced in how to manage and care for young children as I am constantly around them and interacting with them, showing I am a trustworthy and reliable individual. Two years ago, due to my interest in Economics and Finance, I arranged for a voluntary placement in a local business’s accountancy department. I gained valuable experience in bookkeeping, which is something I really enjoyed. This made me realise that this type of work fits into my methodical and analytical nature and inspires me to study for a degree.

Presently, around my school studies, I am able to manage a part-time job in a local Ice Cream Parlour as a counter assistant. Working there has given me more self-confidence, independence and taught me the ability to work more efficiently as part of a team. Keeping the area organised and clean is a major factor of working there and I believe that this aspect can be transferred to my future career.Achieving an A* in GCSE maths encouraged me to take A-Level maths to further pursue my interest in the subject. Since starting the course my numeracy skills and problem-solving techniques have greatly improved which considering the amount maths is used in Economics is a major benefit. There are many aspects of Economics I am eager to continue learning about such as looking into how and why people make the decisions they do and how efficient or inefficient those choices prove to be. After completing my A levels in 2017, I have since revaluated my results and decided to continue my studies in the hope of improving my grades. This has helped me realise exactly how important academic success is to me.

 In my spare time, I am an enthusiastic footballer and I play for a local youth team. I train on a weekly basis and consistently play every weekend showing I am able to work as part of a team and am reliable. To improve my confidence, communication skills and to aid others, I volunteered to tutor mathematics to younger students, thus helping them to prepare for their GCSE and intermediate maths challenges.The career options open to someone equipped with an Economics degree are very attractive and diverse. Economics is a subject which affects all human activities in some form or other, from political decisions, household management and planning how we live our daily lives.

This makes me very motivated to pursue a career.  I am looking forward to all of the unique opportunities that Economics has to offer me as I feel I am very well suited to this career. I also believe I have a realistic idea of what the course entails. I feel totally ready also for the challenges of university life. But, more importantly, I am looking forward to challenging myself and expanding my knowledge on the vast subject.  I look forward to getting involved in both social and academic aspects of your university life.