Statement for 97 credits, with a GPA of 19.61/20

Statement of Purpose”The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.” GoetheThe more the amount of knowledge, the more the capabilities for playing an effective role in society. Growing up in a house where my father was a science teacher who always explained everything scientifically to me, and my mother a school deputy who liked everything planned, made me eager to learn everything and be disciplined. I studied hard since the first year of elementary school and I was accepted in Sadat high school entrance exam (the best school in Isfahan). The high school played a major role in my life and later decisions, contrary to other high schools that focus only on education, it was here that I was taught to develop every aspect of my life and not merely focus on education without being able to use it in practice, and also it was here that I found my passion for Mechanics gradually.To study Mechanics and follow my goals, I studied hard towards university entrance examination (Konkoor) and I ranked top 1% amongst nearly half a million participants and was accepted in a state university in Mechanical Engineering.

After some time I decided to change my university as I was not consent with academic level, so I applied for Mechanical Engineering and I admitted to Islamic Azad University, Khomeyni Shahr Branch, and from the first day I was determined to achieve my goals. I transferred 46 credits (20 Subjects) that I had passed in the last universit. Those 46 credits have a GPA of 14.46 out of 20 and I had 100 more credits to obtain my Bachelor’s degree. I have passed 45 subjects, which account for 97 credits, with a GPA of 19.61/20 in the last two years and this was the highest GPA in our department and got me an overall GPA of 17.

97/20.During this time, I did not only study so I can just ace in all exams, I started to develop my software skills in CAD and CAE. As I got the highest grade in all my exams, I was accepted to teach a variety of courses as a Teaching Assistant which is mentioned on my CV in details.

This helped me master my knowledge in the core courses because you can never claim to have understood a subject unless you are able to teach it well. Being a TA and CAD/CAE skills got me recognition amongst faculty members and I started getting job offers of which I accepted one by Saya Steel Company. I accepted this job as it offered me a chance to model and analyze Slag Pots and it involved static and thermal analyzing which I find both interesting. Working here provided me so much experience and taught me a lot about modeling when you learn versus modeling in the industry based on its needs. I modeled the slag pot using Autodesk Inventor and ran the analysis using ANSYS workbench and the results predicted cracks correctly (as it had happened before to that same location) and the company was happy with my job and asked me to renew contract but we didn’t agree on the duration of the contract as I am planning to pursue my studies towards a Master’s degree.

During last summer, I had my internship in Zarif-Mosavar Co. technical office and had numerous opportunities to see production line and learn from experienced engineers. I was also in charge of modeling different parts and preparing technical drawings and during these three months was able to join weekly meetings in which top engineers gathered and discussed what they have done and what they are going to do. The last job offered to me was one month ago from the Dean for undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering department whom I have passed Dynamics and Mechanical Design courses with and is listed as a reference on my CV. This is a part-time job in IAUKhSh1 Research Center and I have the responsibility to design a hamburger maker machine that that receives minced beef and makes about 1800 hamburgers an hour. Although there are numerous machines that do this, we aim towards a new method that is more affordable and I am responsible for its design from scratch.Besides working part-time in the above-mentioned areas, I have always been passionate about research and did not limit myself only to textbooks so I read and follow publications and I have read numerous publications on different areas that I found interesting and they are all mentioned on my CV. I was especially interested in Vibrations and with the help of Dr.

Pirmoradian, I read a lot in this field. During the last two years, I have been in his team of graduate students and I am the only Bachelor student on that team. I mainly followed Vibrations due to periodic moving masses and Energy Harvesting and for my Final B.Sc. project, I conducted a research on “energy harvesting from vibrations of a two-layer piezoelectric simply supported beam”.

I also had the chance to study and read about nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, and sandwich panels, with the help of Dr. Moradi who then was a lecturer, and is now studying Post-Doc at the University of Toronto, and also is willing to recommend me.Working in different companies and visiting different ones, I got convinced that I still need more knowledge and I should study towards a graduate degree to develop my capabilities more, so I can make changes and have the role I have on my mind.

I am interested in vibrations, non-linear control of robots, developing modern green vehicles and designing machines that are more efficient.As a big picture, I want to choose an academic lifestyle in which I can always be in touch with science and deal with new solutions and ideas, and also help industry section providing them with latest innovations and technologies that I hope to make. Doing research is not the only factor motivating me to desire this lifestyle.

Working as a teacher, illustrating new concepts to students and helping them to come up with their own methods in science and life, really gives me the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. I am confident that I will be able to overcome the difficulties of this path relying on grounds of my determination, talents, and hard work.In summary, after years of studying, teaching, researching and lots of experience in different fields to be versatile in the highest level university and academic environment in my country, my insatiable enthusiasm in learning new things and research leads me to decide to start my graduate program in a higher academic atmosphere in the world. I am now determined to continue my studies and I feel that a graduate study program in mechanical engineering will prepare me to build a better future.

It would be a great privilege to do my graduate studies under your supervision and I am quite confident that I will match the high standards set by this famous university. 1Islamic Azad University of Khomeyni Shahr