STATEMENT disposal issues leading to air pollution problems. Some


Name: Omidiji, Folakemi
Omotayo                       Date:

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International Relations

Driven by the apt to
proffer solutions to the imbalance consequences of altering the ecosystem and
natural habitat motivated me to study Environmental sciences for my
undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. The knowledge of
environmental science has equipped me to understand the interactions between
the physical, chemical and biological processes in the environment and how to
apply these processes to solve complex environmental problems. Environmental
science has also enable me to gain extensive and practical knowledge on how to
strengthen human capacity to address environmental issues at local, national
and international levels. My undergraduate study has exposed me to some
relevant courses such as environmental policy, environmental management
systems, environmental pollution, environmental impact assessment and
environmental stewardship and communication.  

Furthermore, the
pertinent environmental issues such as water and air pollution, natural
resource depletion, global warming, waste disposal among others has inspired me
to forge ahead to pursue a Master’s degree in international relations. Vital to
my fervor, is to learn from the best and be able to reproduce the knowledge in
grand style by proffering workable solutions to the environmental problems,
limited water resources and reduction in air pollution impacting humanity
globally. I have a deep passion for environmental sustainability which is
paramount to human health and I want to pursue a career in international
relations specializing in environmental exposure and its effects and control on
the natural environment by improving program management and enhancing
environmental performance. I have professional experience of working with some
government regulatory bodies where I have been exposed to various environmental
problems in Nigeria such as water control and waste disposal issues leading to
air pollution problems. Some key challenges were how to ensure compliance to
environmental policy, how to promote human behaviors that will make positive
impact on the natural environment. A Masters degree in international relations
is suitable for me as it can provide me with the platform and equip me further
with the knowledge and skills to be able to implement and maintain policy for
environmental protection without leaving harming consequences to the
environment from a global standpoint.

I chose to study international
relations at Webster University, St Louis, Missouri. Because the University
offers outstanding innovative research activities, it is ranked as one of the
best regional universities Midwest in the 2018 edition of best colleges, it is
one of the most diverse student bodies. I also chose Webster University because
of the location, conducive academic environment and the standard of the
University. I am very analytical, practical, optimistic, diligent and love to
solve problems. I hope to bring all these qualities to the program. My long-term
career goal is to be an Environmental Consultant with United Nations. I want to
help in achieving environmental sustainability, thus preserving the needs of
future generation from the harmful effect of current alteration by present
generation. I believe in Webster University and that the experiences I will
gain there will prepare me for the best, give me a well rooted and grounded
knowledge, launch me into my desired career path where I can make meaningful
contributions to Webster University, my country and the world at large.