Spread have crashed down the internet servers as these

Spread like Virus Sometimes contents that are posted on social media sites have likely to spread like a virus on social networks.

The users will reshare  the content posted by some other user to their social network, resulting in further sharing. Posts like North Korea Atomic Bomb Explosion,   fast-breaking news  like the news of Michel Jackson death  have crashed down the internet servers as these news were  rapidly shared and re-shared by the people who use social networking sites. This is the concept of spreading of a viral disease from one infected person to other persons . Some individuals , Groups and Organisations use this Viral Spreading of a news as an effective way of Publicity .

Use of Cellular ApplicationsThe usage of Mobile phone to access social media sites is a great factor in the popularity of these sites , Now it is more easy , private and cheap to use the social media then before , Smart phone has made the internet a very “Handy”  thing to use by the young generation . Now youngsters pass more time doing interactions on social media sites than to pass time on watching TV. Every type of sites can be reached easily with the help of smart phone , contents can be added , shared , send , received , status updated voice and vedio calls can be made more easily without the use of desktop computers or laptops . Use of Wifi technologhy has enabled to use an internet connection by the whole members of family . All the family members can use the internet sites according to their own likes and dislikes, flexibility of time and Privacy . The mobile applications like Whatsapp , skype , are used widely to make video calls , Youtube is used to see videos , Facebook is used  to share videos , images , texts and status updating by the mobile users . Mobile social media mentions the use of social media on mobile phone sets such as smartphones .

Mobile  applications  let the formation, interchange and spread of user-created content. Location and time sensitivity are the important factors to access the social media by mobile devices.  Business prospectiveLocation and Time sensitiveness gave mobile devices an edge on desktop computers in offering companies to expand their businesses by marketing and advertising by using social media .

Mobile social media utensils can be used for investigation, communiqué, sales advancements or concessions, and affiliation growth programs.e-Commerce: Social media sites use sociable plans, creating stages that are equally helpful for users, industries, and the nets with the help of  e-commerce, or online consumptions. The users posts the remarks about a company’s product or service with their online friends and associates. The company profits because it gains awareness  about how their product or service is regarded by customers.

Applications such as Amazon.com and Pinterest  influence a mounting tendency in the acceptance and approachability of e-commerce, or online consumptions.