Sonny That brought more sorrow and pain to the

Sonny Bizure JrMrs Malmede12/04/17Backwards Progress.The Industrial Revolution,  which took place from the 18th to the 19th centuries was a time period of great prosperity.

Before the industrial revolution, manufacturing was frequently done in homes by hand tools or basic machines. The industrial revolution introduced the world to self purpose machinery and massive production. It was a time for progress for some not for all. The working class experienced a lot of pain during this time period. The workers were treated like pigs, child labour was horrendous, working environments were unsafe and massive air pollution as a result of insanity caused a lot deaths, which implies that it wasn’t progress for all. Working conditions for children were horrendous.

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Factory owners mostly employed children because they had no preconceived ideas and were less likely to complain about poor conditions. The kids worked an enormous amount of hours a week. “Children as young as 6v years typically worked between 12 and 14 hours every day” (DOC 11).

Six year olds were being abused and overworked. They spent seventy-two hours a week working and they were only six years old. Besides working an excessive amount, when machines malfunctioned because of their size they called to crawl inside and fix them. That normally resulted in serious injuries if not death. Heberam during his interview with Soldier helped shed some light on child employment in factories, I quote.

“…..a boy was caught in a machine and had both his high thigh bones broke and from his knee to his hip…..His sister, who ran to pulling him off had both her arms broke and her head bruised” (DOC4).

Machinery made production easier but innocent children lives were taken. That brought more sorrow and pain to the parents (working class) and reflected badly on factories. The industrial revolution wasn’t progressive, in order to be progressive everyone has got to move forward together.Employers were ruthless and showed no mercy to the workers.

Most workers frequently got ill during work due to the lack of medicine would eventually passed away. In document four during an interview between Hebergain and Solder on work in factories, Hebergan states the causes of illness in factories. “He told me that it was caused by the dust in the factories and from overwork and insufficient diet” (DOC4). The unsanitary conditions of factories caused many workers to get ill and it also made the spread of diseases very easy. Employers also didn’t care if you were pregnant you still to be at work and accounted for. Harsh rules mading working a living hell. While Betty Harris was telling her story she says. “I worked at drawing when i was in the family way” (DOC12).

She was a pregnant women working in a mine where exposure radiation was present. That is very unhealthy not only for her but only to her child. Clearly an understanding human being would take this into consideration and give her some time of.During the industrial revolution water pollution and air pollution increased rapidly. Factories started dumping their waste directly into the Thames River which was their water supply. In document six a political cartoon shows the sewers running straight into the drinking water.

As a result of water pollution people started experiencing an epidemic of cholera and typhoid. Their drinking water had been contaminated which results in numerous deaths. Document six also shows factories releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thi caused air pollution and created a respiratory diseases that affected the lungs which affected the peoples breathing. And if they could not breath well…….  Large amounts of Carbon dioxide which were released due to factories contributed to global warming. There wasn’t any hygiene and hygiene is main aspect of survival.The industrial revolution brought enormous change but also caused a lot of damage.

It was indeed not progress for all because the working class were in constant tears. They were not treated well and water pollution and air pollution caused numerous disease outbreak that lead to countless deaths. Not everyone benefited from the industrial revolution that’s why it was not progress for all.