Some support services in case of emergency situations.An other

    Some new products have emerged in last 10 years with the development of technology. Smart phones are definetely the most adopted devices among the products which become a necessity for humans.Most of the people think that the smart phones are useful and a necessity for people.Besides that,the minority of people think it has some disadvantages.There are some advantages and disadvantages which affect our lives deeply.       Smart phones are fully equipped for people’s needs.

Every smart phone can do your daily routines with few touches.This is reason why smart phones are adopted to our lives and become a necessity.There are millions of applications which meet all of the people’s demand.

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An other advantage of smart phones is portability.With the devolopment of technology,they have become smaller and they fit in to our pockets.The convenience of carrying them has made smart phones more popular.In addition,people have chance to reach immediate support services in case of emergency situations.An other advantage of smart phones is having internet connection at any moment.       Smart phones have disadvantages as much as it’s advantages.

First and the most important disadvantage of smart phones is the effect to health.It can cause heart problems, cancer, and sleeping problem because of radio signals. Carrying it in the clothes increase the effect of smart phones.An other disadvantage of smart phones is isolation from society.When a person use the device,he or she can isolate easily from the society.

Because the cyber world apart people from the real world.The last disadvantage of smart phone is privacy and security breaches.When we use an application,we give information ,which is really private and important for us, to the company which made the application for using it.This can cause problems in the future for us.     Smart phones have many advantages which make life easier,but it has many disadvantages which are actually really effective for us.People think that its benefits are more than its harms,because of this they are getting more and more popular in the society.

With this development,today they are seen as a necessity for people.