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Some people like todrink alcohol before they have to speak to anyone or speak in public, becauseit takes the edge off of the anxiety and makes it easier to talk to people.According to the Psychological Medicine 40(6):977-988, June 2010), approximately15 million American adults suffer from social anxiety. About seven percent ofthe population struggles with some form of social anxiety. The NationalInstitute of Mental Health defines social anxiety disorders as follows:”Social phobia is a strong fear of being judged by others and of beingembarrassed.

This fear can be so strong that it gets in the way of going towork or school or doing other everyday things.”  The ConnectionBy consuming alcohol itdiminishes the pressure one may have, therefore someone with anxiety willconsume the alcohol to relieve the stress. ExpectancyThe belief of howinhaling alcohol will alter someone who has social anxiety is more suitable forfetes, an affair, or during cocktail hour. Drinking as a matter of fact,suppressed their circumstances in which it made them stand out.TheStudyA study was done ofpeople with social anxiety and alcohol use (using “Psychology Today,” 2013). Agroup of students in Germany researched the possibilities of social anxietybeing linked with excessive drinking.

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First, the researchers found that men andwomen were diagnosed with social anxiety disorder tended to drink excessivelymost in which drinking is more or less socially acceptable. Second, theparticipants projection for how drinking will influence them capered a largerole in how they drank in any situation. The example given, “if a manbelieves that drinking will make him more relaxed and sociable at dinner party,he is more likely to drink, even to excess.

“ResultsThe people with socialanxiety were most likely to establish a need towards alcohol. They believedthat drinking had definite, but no adverse, effects on their demeanor. The groupof distressed individuals is better off seeking experienced advocate.