Solar Energy Products in Gujarat Essay

Overview: –

The Earth receives more energy from the Sun in merely one hr than the universe uses in a whole twelvemonth. Two billion people in the universe have no entree to electricity. For most of them, solar photovoltaic would be their cheapest electricity beginning, but they can non afford it. Approximately 45 % of the cost of a Si cell solar faculty is driven by the cost of the Si wafer, a farther 35 % is driven by the stuffs required to piece the solar faculty. Crystalline Silicon cell engineering signifiers about 90 % of solar cell demand. The balance comes from thin movie engineerings. The United States, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Canada were the universe ‘s five largest manufacturers of energy in 1999, providing 47.

9 per centum of the universe ‘s entire energy.Further, world-wide oil ingestion rose by somewhat less than 1 million barrels per twenty-four hours in 2000 ( vs 1999 ) . World energy ingestion is projected to increase by 59 % from 1999 to 2020. Much of the growing in worldwide energy usage is expected in the underdeveloped universe. Worldwide photovoltaic installings increased by 5,948 MW in 2008, up from 2,826 MW installed during 2007. In 1985, one-year solar installing demand was merely 21 Megawatts. Solar energy has really high demand and high demand besides invites competition and attracts concerns to come in industry. Accumulative solar energy production histories for less than 0.

01 % of entire Global Primary Energy demand ( ) .

This research proposal gives brief thought about research survey in Marketing Research. In this proposal, rubric of research undertaking every bit appropriate as possible has been given which may bring forth manageable parametric quantities of the undertaking. The purpose of this research that is to research market of Solar Energy Products in Gujarat, India to cognize the future range for new concerns. Context of survey will give thought about the merchandises, part and market of which theory to be explored in this survey undertaking. Literature reappraisal supports analysis and rating of the survey which will eventually take to decision and information about research methodological analysis and research methods is given in the ulterior portion of proposal.

1 Proposed Research Title: –

The rubric of research is ‘Market Research on Solar Energy Products in Gujarat, India in context to future concern development ‘ .

2 Inspiration of undertaking:

Current market of solar energy merchandises of India is an emerging market. Harmonizing to imperativeness release of ministry of new and renewable energy ( authorities of India ) on February 2009, an ambitious programme of development of solar metropoliss is had been launched in India. Nagpur in Maharashtra will be the first solar metropolis in the state.

The ministry of New and Renewable Energy proposed to develop 60 such metropoliss during the 11th Plan Period. At least one metropolis in each province to a upper limit of five metropoliss in a State will be supported by the Ministry. To run into the peak electricity demand of metropoliss, to cut down dependance on fossil fuels and expensive oil and gas for energy and to advance increased usage of renewable energy, this strategy has been developed.Nagpur will go exemplary solar metropolis by 2012 under the strategy. Up to 10 % of energy ingestion of this metropolis has been targeted to be met through Renewable energy and energy efficiency steps. 50 % of the cost will be shared by the Ministry where Rs.

50 hundred thousand will be provided for Master Plan, solar metropolis cell and promotional activities. Major solar energy system will be installed including street lamps, garden visible radiations, traffic visible radiations, billboards, solar H2O warmers etc. Energy Efficient Green Buildings besides will be promoted on big graduated table in the metropolis ( ) . A Cost of fossil fuel and measure of fossil fuel remains on the Earth lead universe to happen an alternate energy beginning.

Another imperativeness release in December 2008 shows a big graduated table usage of solar energy in India.The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is implementing strategies on publicity of solar energy in the state. About 4.34 hundred thousands solar place visible radiations, 6.97 hundred thousand solar lanterns, 0.74 hundred thousand solar street visible radiations, 7204 solar pumps, 5.2 MWp off-grid and grid connected solar power workss, 25 hundred thousand square meter solar thermic aggregator country and 6.

2 hundred thousand solar cookers have been installed in the state. In add-on, around 8,000 distant small towns and crossroadss have been supported for electrification with solar energy systems. Solar Energy can be harnessed through two paths viz. solar photovoltaic for direct transition to electricity and solar thermal for heating/cooling and power coevals severally.

The production of solar energy devices/systems and their use are on a regular basis increasing. However, the high initial cost of solar energy systems is a barrier in big scale use for power coevals. The Ministry is back uping research and development to cut down the cost, better the efficiency and public presentation of solar energy systems to increase their portion. The National Action Plan on Climate Change has besides identified development of solar energy in the state by puting up a Solar Mission. The Ministry has taken several other stairss to increase the use of solar energy in the state, which include ( one ) taking up expanded programmes to promote use of solar energy systems through subsidy or soft loans, ( two ) inducement to makers, commercial users and power undertaking developers ( three ) support to Akshaya Urja shops to supply extra channels for sale and after-sales service of solar energy systems, and ( four ) create consciousness through print and electronic media about the solar energy systems and their benefits.This information was given by the Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy, Shri Vilas Muttemwar in response to a inquiry by Dr. Janardhan Waghmare in the Rajya Sabha ( www.mnes. ) . As we can see the above treatment shows that solar energy industry could be someplace between start and growing stage of industry life rhythm. The present market status and future postulation in context to new concerns willing to come in the market is chief ground for this undertaking survey.

3 Aim and Aims: –

The chief purpose of this undertaking is to research market of Solar Energy Products in Gujarat, India to cognize the future range for new concerns. The most of import focal point of this research is to happen out chances and menace for new concerns and to happen out who are involved in this concern and who are end users of that concern? And by questioning or oppugning with them helps to happen out statistical informations every bit good as the nature of concern in current market. The aims to accomplish chief purpose are in short below:– To find where solar energy merchandises industry of Gujarat lies on industry life rhythm.– To analysis chances and menaces to new concerns.

To transport out this nonsubjective some analysis such as SWOT, PESTAL or five force demands to be done– To measure selling schemes of new concern to near terminal users faster by confronting less competition.– Critical rating selling schemes of concerns already runing in industry.– Future anticipation of solar energy merchandises industry of Gujarat.To accomplish above aims tutor counsel, library books, diary ‘s articles and corporate and authorities web sites will be really helpful.

4 Restrictions and Financial Budget of this Undertaking.

The chief restriction of this survey is that it is limited to Gujarat industry merely.

It is non possible to cover the whole Indian solar energy merchandise industry. Further, there are some limited Numberss of concerns runing in Gujarat industry as industry is in initial phase of industry life rhythm therefore range and scope of informations collected from operating concerns would be limited. Information collected from concerns might be wrong because concern information is really confidential and it might possible that gathered information could be incorrect.These may impact survey analysis and concluding decision.

Solar energy merchandise industry as a whole includes scope of different merchandises. Some of the merchandises does non use or bring forth in Gujarat so the concluding decision of this research can non be usage for any farther surveies relates to merchandises non included. Equally far as fiscal budget concern it is really limited. Technical cognition of research worker of solar merchandise could be besides a restriction of this survey.

Financially it is non possible to reach high scope of concerns for information. For this survey India will be visited and a period of clip will hold to pass in India which will incur some disbursals.

5 Context of Research undertaking: –

The research undertaking is based on Solar Energy Products in Gujarat, India where Sun available for about 8-9 months of the twelvemonth and 12-13 hour a twenty-four hours to bring forth Solar Energy. This research undertaking is concern to Solar Energy Products available in that part like solar H2O warmer, Solar Cooker, Solar Electricity Generator, Solar Charger ; Solar Energy operated Water Pump, and many others. As Gujarat is the 1 of the developed province in India it has to hold good future program and installations in the province. So for hereafter of the province that is besides concerned about Global Warming they have to bring forth energy which is environmental Friendly and Day to Day functional.

So from Environmental friendly point of position and hereafter of universe Solar Energy Products are one of the best options in the market to utilize.Context of the research undertaking is based on market research on solar energy Merchandises in Gujarat, India. If anybody wants to get down their concern they have to transport out market research, they have to first seek to foretell hereafter of the concern. So in survey market research on solar energy merchandises will assist to happen the hereafter of that concern in Gujarat, India.

6 Literature Review: –

– Selling, An Introduction, by Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler, 6th erectile dysfunction. 2003, Prentice Hall– Business Basics, A Study usher for degree Students: Selling, by BPP Publications, 3rd erectile dysfunction. 2000– Selling, Theory and Practice, by Michael Baker, 3rd erectile dysfunction. 1995, Macmillan Business– Selling, Principles and Practice, by Dennis Adcock, Al Halborg, Caroline Ross, 4th erectile dysfunction. 2001, FT/Prentice– [ WWW ] hypertext transfer protocol: //– [ WWW ] hypertext transfer protocol: // www.– [ WWW ] hypertext transfer protocol: //– Harvard Business reappraisals– Selling Diaries from Library and Internet– Articles on Web sites– etcLiteratures will assist to larn accomplishments and technique of assorted methods for Research.

It is really of import for analysis and rating of survey. It will besides gives cognition about how to and from where cod information for analysis and it helps to happen out current nature of concern in market.

7 Research Methodology & A ; Research Methods: –

Research workers have to make up one’s mind what type of attack they want to utilize to roll up and to analyse their informations. In other words how they are traveling to undertake the empirical side of their research. There are two attacks of research methodological analysis – qualitative and quantitative attack.Quantitative research is the systematic scientific probe of quantitative belongingss and phenomena and their relationships. Quantitative research is widely used in both the natural and societal scientific disciplines, from natural philosophies and biological science to sociology and news media. The aim of quantitative research is to develop and use mathematical theoretical accounts, theories and hypothesis pertaining to natural phenomena.

The procedure of measuring is cardinal to quantitative research because it provides the cardinal connexion between empirical observation and mathematical look of quantitative relationships. The term quantitative research is most frequently used in the societal scientific discipline in contrast to qualitative research.Qualitative is one of the two major attacks to research methodological analysis in societal scientific disciplines. Qualitative research involves an in-depth apprehension of human behavior and the grounds that govern human behavior. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research relies on grounds behind assorted facets of behavior. Simply put, it investigate the why and how of determination devising, as compared to what, where, and when of quantitative research.

Hence, the demand is for smaller but focused samples instead than big random samples. From which qualitative research categorize informations into forms as the primary footing for forming and describing consequences.An intelligent manner of distinguishing qualitative from quantitative research is that mostly qualitative research is explorative, while quantitative is conclusive. Quantitative information is mensurable while qualitative can non be put into a context that can be graphed or displayed as a mathematical term. ( Raymond-Alain Thietart et Al, 2000.This undertaking is chiefly based on quantitative attack of research methodological analysis. As mentioned above that this attack accent on positive position i.

e. scientifically demonstrable. Undertaking of market research on solar energy merchandises are largely worked on informations collected during research which is chiefly numerical values. Analysing of informations collected by market research gives the exact thought about future development of solar energy merchandises concern in that part. This analysis can be done by utilizing package like SSPS or by manually through observation and computation.Qualitative attack will be considered as a secondary attack for this research undertaking because most of the informations and their analysis are in signifier of figure, figure, graph, etc.

which shows that in this research undertaking quantitive attack is largely preferred. This qualitative attack is considered as secondary because there may be some hypothesis among the research workers. E.g.

for terminal users, some qualitative points like solar energy merchandises have dependability, environmental friendliness, easy to utilize, etc features or non.The chief purpose of research methods is to bring forth a new cognition, which may take in three types: –* Exploratory research – which identifies and structured new jobs* Constructive research – which developed solution to jobs* Empirical research – which test the feasibleness of a solution utilizing experimental groundsResearch methods besides classified in to following footings: –* Primary research – it involves the aggregation of informations that does n’t already be.* Secondary research – it involves the sum-up, bite and/or synthesis of bing research instead than primary research, where information is collected from, for illustration, research topics or experiments, past records, current figure, etc.In this research undertaking secondary research method is used because in this method informations collected are from observation, yesteryear records, experiments, current figures, etc which chiefly concerned with the market research of solar energy merchandises. For this aggregation of informations and farther information, Renewable energy department-Government of India and Gujarat energy development bureau ( www. ) can assist a batch. Finally informations analysis should be necessary to accomplish chief purpose of research undertaking.Assorted methods of roll uping informations are as follows.* Case survey* Categorizations* Experience* Experiments* Interviews* Simulations* Surveies* Observations* Statistical analysis* Past records ( Trochim.

W.M.K – 2006 )The manner of research in this research undertaking is constructive which can develop the hereafter concern of solar energy merchandises in Gujarat, India. The methods which are to be undertaken will be secondary research method because it involves bite ( comparing ) of different old ages and options where the information is collected from past records, current figures, observation, etc.

The techniques of research used in this research undertaking are may be categorization, interviews, questionnaire, and analysis of current market of solar energy merchandises. In simple manner of understand market research procedure following diagram help a batch:( Armstrong G and Kotler P, 2007 )

– : Mention: –

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