Social the Preamble written by Gouverneur Morris who believed

Social Justice is a topic of fair relations which has been a problem for awhile, between a person and society which is determined by distribution of wealth,personal activity opportunities and social privileges but not most people use this description of social justice for the simple reason people may have different varieties of beliefs and values.

However,Different interpretations throughout research,equality seems to be a constant theme involving the topic.According to the National Association of Social Workers social justice is a vision that everyone deserves EQUAL economic,political,social rights and opportunities guiding social justice to be an advocacy by treating others respectfully and with dignity,improving lives of the poor & unattended through multiple programs & services  and providing some type of support for people and organizations in the communities, tips like this point out  the treatment toward the unattended and one’s without a voice .In addition to this,this traces us back to the roots from American History involving the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson,for example,the beginning of the Declaration justifies its intentions and defines the morals that” America should stand by concluding its purpose for the American basic rights including that all men are created equal,with certain unalienable rights,that are life,liberty & the pursuit of happiness  .Another example would be the Preamble written by Gouverneur Morris who believed and also stated that “In order To form a union better than it is,we need to establish justice…live by peace…promote general welfare & secure blessings of liberty”even though most of that population back in that time were free white men & women.People til this day are desired to make a change in equality more so,social Justice,to set an honest definition rather its from experience,values or beliefs of their own.