“Social in many ways, not the least of which

“Social media,” “apps,” “4G” and an excess of other mobile technologies have already become imperative for a mass population. According to a poll conducted by Verizon, 98% of people use wireless technologies in their daily lives, with two-thirds (66%) indicating they could not survive without them. Mobile technology, by means of phones, tablets, laptops, and notebooks, has so much control in making one’s life better than ever before.Mobile technology is enhancing our lives in many ways, not the least of which is making conventional communications. Communication is astonishingly impacting our potential to stay close to friends and loved ones. We can get in touch with those we need to, whether job-related or personal in nature. We can talk to them anytime, anywhere to figure out how are they doing and can share trivial information like where are we, what are we doing, which significantly impacts our relationships with friends and family.

And big thanks to mobile technology for permitting loved ones to share in special occasions from miles apart as if they are in the same room. Word-of-mouth doesn’t mean the same thing today as it did a few decades or years ago. Thanks to social media and photo sharing apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it has advanced into something more similar to “spreading the message through thumbs and emojis.” Mobile technology, more specifically amalgamation of social media, enables supporters to intensify a message instantly and effectively.

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Above all, it is far more persuasive to have others tell your story for you. An example of this is pre-populated social media. It is a way for a volunteer to initiate an eccentric Tweet or Facebook message and influence supporters throughout the entire world to boost it over their personal or professional nexus.Today, ever-evolving mobile technologies allow us to converse with like-minded individuals in the whole world and easily play war of words with those having different views.

We can even create groups on social media like Facebook to bring the people related to the topic closer. This triggers communication never before possible, and the resultant friendship bonds are just as strong as those in “real life.” With that being said, living in Texas, I found my best friend living in New York, through an app call messenger, with whom I almost share anything and everything. We can also have group video chats with friends and family around the world to not only stay in touch but to experience a touch with a nearly physical presence. Thus, the world is coming closer together achieving one of the Mark Zuckerberg’s missions, founder of Facebook.In addition, mobile technology has given a tone to those otherwise shut off from the world during disastrous events.

A recent example would be of hurricane Harvey when people from various states and cities volunteered to help the victims by delivering them food, water, and clothes on daily basis. They successfully raised enough funds through social media for people who lost their homes and families in the tragedy. Hence, people from different regions collaborated with each other for the good cause of people suffering at a particular location.It’s an exciting time to watch mobile technology as where it will now lead us in the not-too-distant future. Technology is powerful as it can be used in several considerate ways and its benefits exceed making our work more efficient. It can grow efficiency and help us attain greater outcomes in our work, thereby making us effective. It is also giving voice and making transmission possible for those who live in a void. It is keeping distant loved ones close, and building friendships irrespective of the individual’s location.

It’s witty to admire what the next tablet or smartphone might be like and what abilities it might have to bring people even closer. Disregarding its drawbacks, there are developments visible in daily lives of people, and society in general, which is what really matters.