Since society. “Therefore, the early Chinese film in the

Since the film art, the female image has always been an indispensable image of the screenplay, Chinese women and Chinese society unique. China’s patriarchal society is also rooted in the status of parents and its possession as a source of material property and trade women as slaves. Women become a tool for the possession of private property and the ruling class, not only for the total Chinese society, but even the national structure, down to the countryside to the court have an impact. The low status of Chinese women not only brings horrible results to women themselves, but also destroys the relationship between people in society. “Therefore, the early Chinese film in the traditional female screen image is insulted, humiliated, submissive good woman, or depressed, melancholy, can not find life self knowledge of women.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Chinese literature and art ushered in the spring. The influx of various literary and artistic thoughts of the West in China, especially the introduction of feminism, the Chinese director as a pioneer of culture began to think about the fate of women and deeply concerned about.Women are dependent on men and survive, and in China’s traditional feudal culture, the woman’s everything is subordinate to men, and even their lives.

Women only humiliation to obey, but in Zhang Yimou and Gong Li cooperation film “Raise the Red Lantern”, but shaped a survival for freedom, not only with men but with the entire feudal culture of women “Song lian”.  “Raise the Red Lantern” is about the story of four women around a man’s story, the film is by the writer Su Tong’s novel “wife concubine group” adapted from the majority of comments that the film is reflected in the feudal ethical code, “eat” And “be eaten” tragedy, as well as selfish, dark, distorted human nature. The master of the film “Song”, a female college students who are not deep in the city, in the feudal, occlusion, strong husband, seeking scheming, intrigue Chen family compound, in order to survive, she did not compromise, live humiliatingly , and fight until the end.”The story of Qiu Ju” in the autumn chrysanthemum is a pregnant rural women, high school education, but she is going to complain the object is the village head. The village head of the remote village is the supreme power of the representatives, and Qiu Ju to challenge this superior power, because the village head kicked her husband genitals kicked, the consequences are quite serious, lay on the kang lying, the village chief relied on their own The local snake, began to lose money, do not apologize. Qiu Chow can not bear the power of the village chief, Qiu Ju on the belly everywhere complained, interpretation of the apology did not apologize to the end of the stubborn child. To discuss the law, the Chinese people pay attention to, saying that apology is more important than losing money, this is a symbol of dignity. Began to support the family also Qiu chrysanthemum practice, and finally the village head was also she was annoyed, do not want to be destroyed by her reputation, wanted to take money, but still refused to apologize, feel sorry to reduce their identity, but also in recognition Own fault.

So, the village chief with extreme respect for the way the money thrown on the ground, which can arouse Qiu Ju inside the stubborn child, she returned to the village chief, and began to continue to appeal. Qiu Ju’s appeal also spent a lot of money, coupled with the refusal of the village chief’s compensation, the family stood a pragmatic point of view seems to support her too. Husband also heard some of the village on the Chou Chou stubborn, like to show his face gossip, but also to persuade Qiu Ju things Ning, so far forget. But Chrysanthemum on these completely ignored, continue her appeal on the road.Both story is about women get trade unfair and in the 70s’ and 80’s women still is equal as man.