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Since its foundation in 1926, Iseki has contributed to themodernization of Japan’s agriculture industry as a full line manufacturerspecializing in farming machinery.

Through this period, they have constantly pursued efficientand labour saving advances in agriculture, and have served the market bypioneering the development of a great deal of agricultural machinery. When theyconsider the problems of an increasing world population alongside food supply,food sufficiency and land preservation. Iseki will continue to operate undertheir basic business philosophy to deliver products that satisfy consumerdemand so that we can contribute to agriculture both in Japan and throughout theworld.Japan agriculture has undergone major changes in response tothe government policy to convert agriculture into a growing industry. In anattempt to cope with such a situation high quality and low priced products willcontinue to be distributed as they largely contribute to energy saving, lowcost agriculture as well as large scale technologically smart agriculture –this supports the management of farmers across the world. While productsinvolving landscape management and light civil engineering work have beendeveloped and similarly distributed across countries in Europe and NorthAmerica markets so far, rice production technology, as cultivated in Japan willbe introduced to a large expanse of Asian nations, particularly those with anincreasing need of food production as proportional to population. As with anyother business, one of their key goals include staying in sync with thebusiness climate through the use of specific management strategies andproviding time to review results and discuss matters with all involvedstakeholders which of course, includes consumers, investors, shareholders andanalysts. Ansoff Matrix: ISEKI FOLLOWING ASSOF MATRIX TO  INTRODUCE THEIR existing product in existingmarkets, new products in existing markets, existing products in new markets,new products in new markets.

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ISEKI Product development: ISEKI group holds a mission tocontribute to the society through agricultural machinery, and each of theirtechnical experts is engaged in creative R based on the spirits as theengineer with an aim to provide products that satisfy customers inheritingprinciple of the fully mobilizing their accumulated technologiessince its inauguration, they will contribute to agriculture through providingproducts and service with a high level of satisfaction from the stand point ofcustomers. They will continue to keep abreast of the agriculture industry foryears  to  come .

 withregard to the R investment, we are making a deliberate investment basedon a forecast of the demand and market trend in mid- and long term perspectives. R expenditure for the consolidatedfiscal year 2014 was approx.. JPY 4.6 billion.

ISEKI strive to accumulate technology and know –how peculiarto each product . Together with the product planning department which suggestsproduct strategy and direction of the of the R based on the market trendsand requests in each area, they make planning of R to engage in Rto respond quickly to clients needs both domestic and overseas.Here I explain the features of new products and associatedtechnologies regarding tractors, rice planters, combine harvesters and others. Tractorin commemoration of the 90th anniversary they developed a low pricedsmall tractor Z15 that provides easy operation for anybody, whether oldpersons, female farmers or starters of agriculture, Shirpuchi  Z15 which is easy to use and attractive withan elaborated design. It also features light white color and conventional imageof tractors has been renewed.  It isequipped with suspension sheet with adjusting function in the front- back  direction , sun visor, cup holder whichallows comfortable operation.

It is also equipped with auxiliary grip, sub-stepand fuel supply stand.On the occasion of the 90th anniversary, theydeveloped GEAS NTA3 series and GEASNT3 series which adopted a new color Oceanblue, mounting new engine that corresponds to the exhaust emission regulationin japan 3rd phase. GEAS NTA3 series are equipped with ISEKIAGRISUPPORT for large tractors, and also equipped with Acceleration anddeceleration sensitivity adjustment dial in addition to well reputed no clutchbrake stopping for NTA series.They developed Rice transplanter PGZ5 series with a newimage of light and fresh. It is equipped with a front cover of new design andcentre mascot with LED, in addition to sanae seeding rail, sanae  lever and deluxe step.In commemoration of the 90th anniversary, theydeveloped molding  pot rice transplanterPZP83 with a renewed image by  changingto blue based coloring. It is equiooed with sensor for lack of seedling in additionto sanae Z shift turn, sanae Z shift and sanae Z rotor.

ISEKI developed combine harvester into their flagship modelJapan series, they introduced Japan HJ4045 with the biggest power and fasterworking speed in the industry as a 4 row harvesting combine harvester, it has alight and compact body and yet takes over not only high precision, performance,durability of the former model but also newly equips feed chain synchronizerand HST driven type reverse rotation cooling fan, in addition to their uniquefeatures; twin eight threshers/swing & zoom augers/i-T.A.C.H., recoverychamber for stuck grains, new automatic height control for reaping and safetydevice for paddy rice supply by hand.They developed combine harvester dedicated to large scalefarming FRONTIER FIGHTER HFR series with substantially increased processingcapacity and enriched equipment.

Full fledged  4 rowharvesting combine harvester  HFR463 isnewly equipped with feed chain synchronizer, emergency stop device for paddyrice supply by hand and black flow twin cooling fan in addition to ISEKI’sunique twin flapper and sieve scraper. Compact 5 row harvesting combineharvester HFR575 is equipped with feed chain synchronizer and HST driven typereverse rotation cooling fan.ISEKI developed a large grain dryer GHL with enhanced grainadoptability enabling anew soybean drying in addition to conventional rice,wheat and buck whet, it is equipped with well reputed far infrared heatrecycling for GMLISEKI developed rice hullers of easy usability MG33, MGJ33.It is equipped with a further evolved version of well reputed Oshirasenavigation that indicates lever operation timing in sequence,ISEKI added Riding pest control machine tread 120cmspecification that corresponds to space between planting rows of leafyvegetables to the pest control machine JK18 series which realized low price byAsian common design.Overseasproduct technology:ISEKI introduce the features of their products launched inoverseas markets and the current situation of development, according to eacharea.1.      Europe: ISEKI developed medium size tractors TGseries that respond to various needs from landscaping to agriculture use. Theyalso developed rotary dedicated tiller KCR700 with renewed design for ordinarygardeners, and axle type tending machine SA 150 and 2 axle tending machineSA600 for individual users.

2.      North America Iseki developed low priced mediumsize tractor s MF2700 series. It is equipped with mechanical auto cruisingcontrol function to enhance working efficiency.3.      China ISEKI developed large tractor T954/804suitable for rice cultivation , which allows higher  maneuverability  than the former general purpose combineharvester HC7584.      Korea they developed ride on rice transplanter NP80/60  for korea market, whosedesign is common with other Asian models.5.      Taiwan they developed medium sized tractorsNTA55/35 with enchanced durability, ride on rice trans planter NP80 whosedesign is common with other  Asian models.

6.      ASEAN they developed tractor NT540 for themarket in Thailand. With enhanced image and high grade sense.Iseki’s market penetration is about selling more of thecompany’s existing product, continue product development is about developingand selling new products to existing markets. Iseki’s diversificationstrategies are about their entering new market and they are successful.

  According to Boston Matrix Iseki’s strategic position is asfollows:Combine harvesters are in star quadrantCultivating machinery are in cash cow Rice planter are in question markVegetable transplanters & harvester are in dog