Simple floral motif. Extend it down to the middle

Simple Mehndi DesignsSimple mehndi designs with prettiest textures & stunning designs look awesomelycharming & trendy. Moreover, they work like a magic to adore the persona ofwomen for every occasion. Simple mehndi designs are loved by women for theirclassy looks & styles.

On wedding events, festivals & family get togathers, women apply mehndi on their hands, feet & different body parts.In fact, Mehndi is a natural dye that is available in cones.Women draw beautiful designs, it leaves beautiful impressions on washingoff from hands. So today I decided to share most beautiful simplemehndi designs.

The collection features a wide range of beautiful& easy mehndi designs. They are easy to draw, look stylish & catcheseyes.Easy Mehndi Designs For BeginnersHere we presentmost amazing easy mehndi designs for beginners.They are mind blowing & can keep you engage looking again & again.Shaded Floral DesignDraw a big beautiful floral design in the mid of palm. Itspetals should be drawn neatly. Shade it.

Draw motif structures & leaflets& keep them extending to the tip of index finger. It looks fabulous &really easy to achieve.Hand Jewelry DesignHand jewelrydesign is considered among one of the easy mehndi designs for beginners.It seems like a hand jewelry piece that is well adorned & lookawesome. Draw a braceletlike structure on the wrist. Adorn it with motifs & circular patterns.

Stretch it by a pair of 3 pearl strings on both sides. Let it meet on thecenter of your hand with a floral motif. Extend it down to the middle finer bythe  pretty leaflets, star bust & motifs.Fingertip DesignIt is just stunning. You don’t like complex or long designs,this one is just perfect for you. On the tip of middle finger, draw it nicely.

Put some dots, draw some circles & adorn them with floral motifs. It looksunique & classy.Simply Leafy designIf you are nottrained enough to draw complex designs, it is suitable for you. It is easy& simple.

Draw two lines, starting from the wrist & coming towards themiddle finger. Draw leaflets around the line & looks simply amazing.Unique Floral PatternIt looks charmingwith a unique look. It is drawn by the curvy lines, adorn with beautiful floralpatterns & is connected by the dots & pearl strings. It is bent down atthe angel of 120°.

Does it not look classy yet unique?