Significance and usable”. The informal motto is “Being Evil”

                                                                        Significance of Project 4, 1998 and was publicly listed on August 19.

LarryPage, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt decided to work together on Google for 20years up to 2024. Since its inception, its mission is to “organize theknowledge of the world and make it globally accessible and usable”. Theinformal motto is “Being Evil” by Google engineer Amit Patel andbacked by Paul Buchheit. moved to Mountain View, California, which is still thehead   Our project is a high-budgetproject: Native Search Engine. Because we call Anatolia for Anatolia, we callAnatolia a place we have grown up and make it possible to do so. Search enginetechnology is one of the most revenue-generating projects. The world is usedregularly by 4 billion people every day.

   Infrastructure anywhere in the world usingyour own search engine, as well as winning millions of dollars every year, weaim to offer a new technology every year hundreds of turkey.   AnatolianPractitioners learn about their habits and what they really want to look forwhen they seek it. Similar calls to previous calls are shown to the user whenmaking a call. Location-based searches show the closest alternatives in thefirst place. users can view their nearest locations by location.

For example,while searching for movies on the horizon, users in Anatolia can directly seethe pieces and session information played by the nearest theater. When lookingfor food alternatives, they can see their nearest restaurants and cafés andcontact information.The most important feature that distinguishes Anatoliafrom other search engines is that it knows Turkish. Anatolian Turkish, themother tongue, will be presented to the user with more accurate results inTurkish calls. Learning algorithm with Anatolia, according to consumer habitsgeli?ecektir.günlük when carrying out the first stage of life movement iscompletely mobile communication, mobile applications designed in Anatolia, inthe location-based search with a good knowledge of assertive Turkey. Anatolianusers can see their nearest places according to where they want to visit.                                                                         Background    The first and most important piece in thisworld is the work of Google.

Google is a multinational US joint-stock company thatinvests in internet search, online information dissemination, advertisingtechnologies and search engines. It develops Internet based services andproducts, and additionally hosts them. Most of your profits come from ads madewith the AdWords program.

The company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D.Students at Stanford University. The duo are commonly referred to as”Google Guys”.

   Google wasfirst established as a private company on September quarters of the company.   Anotherimportant company is a portal established by yahoo.Yahoo Inc., StanfordUniversity students Jerry Yang and David Filo.    Whileinitially serving as a search engine, it has tried to dominate the market byoffering email, instant messaging, email and other services over is the 5th most visited site in the world with 7 billion page viewsper day. Yahoo Messenger is widely used in the United States, especially in theUnited States.

The free email service provided and the unlimited storage space haveincreased the profit of the company.                                                                        Objectives        Our project is in a 4-stage project. Our goalis to be able to rival the big firms in the first stage and approached the   owner of the largest companies in thetechnology Turkey.Our aim in the second stage, to come to the same level asourcompetitors in Turkey and around the world.Our 3rd goal is to be among thefirst 3 companies in the market using our extra features not found on othersearch engines.

At stage 4 we will concentrate on artificial intelligence and spacetechnology.We need 1000 employees in the first stage, 3000 employees in thesecond stage, and 10,000   employeesafter    the second stage.                                                                           Project Plan   We have tomake serious progress on artificial intelligence because this project containsartificial intelligence at a high level. We will do extras that are not insearch engines and we have to do research in many unexplored and unknownresearches. We think that the researches will start in 2018 and that the firststage of the project can be started around 2020 and the last part will be like2025 years. We will do the first part of our research at our university, and wewill build a new research center for the future. In the first part of our work,our students in our computer and electrical departments will work with us andplan to hire close to 500 people in these areas.

This project may cause someenvironmental pollution because it will use high energy even if it does notdirectly harm plants and animals.To prevent this, we are planning to use themost advanced technology to use renewable energy in our factories and R & Dcenters. And to stop environmental pollution and global warming, we will donateassociations to conservation associations every year.                                                                        Expected Results     I will getmore insight into software and circuit issues. We will develop ourselves andmany people in our country in intelligent circuit designs, artificialintelligence systems and computer subjects.Thanks to our success in the world both in the turkeywe can apply our project will make our school more famous.

We can provide jobsto many people.Thanks to our unprecedented technological researches, we willdiscover new technologies. We will make it easier for people to search theinternet, find new products and learn new information. References: