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HartshornPeriod 716 January 2018Net Neutrality Today, in this modern era a lot of works is done with the help of internet. Internet is used for many purposes like education, entertainment and also for income. There is a lot of advantages and disadvantages of internet which every humans could face. So to improve the flow of internet in every sector and to ensure that every consumer of internet have peace of mind accessing every websites and data on internet, the term Net Neutrality is generated. The phrase Net Neutrality was composed by a Colombia University law media law professor Tim Wu in 2003. Net neutrality is the principle or concept which all internet service providers should follow and they should treat every data on the internet as same allowing their consumers to use it in the same speed rate without any additional cost. Internet Services Providers(ISP) doesn’t have right to slow down, block any specific websites. Without net neutrality, all ISPs could charge some money for every website we access and also can block the sites from which they could charge money for subscription.

They can limit the time and also the speed for every websites they are accessing which may result loss in various sector. There should be a law which could balance the private rights of internet service providers and also protect the public’s interest so that ISPs also will not be in loss and public could also have freedom in internet. To access the internet, router plays a role of a medium where all the cables of internet are connected and it splits the internet. This router receives data packet from all the servers and distribute them to the public who is accessing the internet. Routers can easily handle the server packets easily where the demand is low. The main issue happens when there is huge demand of data and the router have to send the data as fast as possible. All packages were kept in queue so that the router and split the packets to every specific individuals.

This queue system on router is also a kind of issue which affect net neutrality.  According to net neutrality, it says that all the packets should be distributed equally. But even also the routers treat all the packets it receives equal but the problem arises when the packet size is too big and servers is also too far, which may result the slowdown in internet connectivity.

So nowadays servers were kept in a certain areas so that every router can get the packet in one click of consumer. Another reason of being slow internet is also from the decision of ISPs’ router configuration. All the setting on the router is done by ISPs to make router to do what they want. Same like happened with the Comcast ISP customers. Comcast changed the setting of the router in such a way that the speed of receiving packets by the router from the servers become slow and result the slow down in the internet too. Finally the case reached to Federal Communications Commission(FCC), they file a motion stop again Comcast. The central department which look all the flow of internet and other means of communication is federal communication commission. They only have right to change the net neutrality policy anytime .

All the ISPs and wireless carriers are under the control of FCC. If the ISPs and wireless carriers does something bad on internet then FCC is incharge to solve the issue. Many communication companies are forcing FCC to quit the net neutrality policy so that they can earn more profit. So finally in December 14, 2017 FCC dismissed the net neutrality because of maximum vote on the FCC board meeting. There is a lot of issue going on nowadays for that topic and a lot of people are in support not to quit net neutrality. If it actually happens then it means the victory of ISPs and wireless carriers which would directly impact us.

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