“Sharing the ability to attain leadership skills. Volunteering helps

 “Sharing means caring”-This is one of the first lessons we learn as children. This is what voluntary means.

Voluntary work is very important for both, you and others around you. For you because it helps you feel better spiritually and to others because you are helping with something.Here are some of the benefits of volunteering that will affect your personally and socially.It makes you a good citizen. ·         The most important reason for doing volunteer work is that it makes you a good citizen. You are optimistic and there is nothing more beautiful than helping someone who is not as likely as you .This will motivate you both , in personal and business life.  Also, it makes you an example for the society.

You can be an inspiration for someone’s life.Community development·         Volunteering plays the role of a connecting bridge between different parts of society. Volunteer work gives people the ability to attain leadership skills. Volunteering helps to increase citizen’s confidence and promote solidarity. These are a necessity   for a sustainable community development.You can improve or gain skills·         Volunteering offers you to connect with the working environment. The requirements for volunteering are more likely to be linked to your interests and hobbies, rather than a boring work experience .  It is an opportunity to enlarge your talents .

Here are some skills you can improve: leadership , the ability to work in a team, time management, problem solving, sales skills etc.Connection with community·         Volunteering is one of the best ways to connect with the community. Many people who deal with volunteering have built up their strong networks that have helped them later in the future.Improving your life and your mental health·         Volunteering is considered a social activity that makes possible social integration and creation of new relationships, thus directly and positively affecting the volunteer’s mental health. Also, becoming part of a better community activity, the volunteer increases self-confidence and personal efficiency.

  Keeps young people away from trouble·         Volunteering removes problematic behaviour , , increases tolerance and sympathy for others and strengthens respect and appreciation for common goods .This activity keeps young people away from trouble and reduces the risk of being involved in destructive social behaviour . Why should we as Albanians, volunteer?Here are some main reasons: ·          To help in the fight against poverty and hunger in Albania!·         To promote environmental protection by helping to prevent food waste!·         To create solidarity among Albanians and work for a better future!·         To help integrate Albania into the European Food Banking Federation to make sure that the humanitarian benefits of this international organization are also in Albania!·         To be part of a growing community of volunteers and meet new people!·         To develop my communication skills and organizational skills   How can we volunteer?·         Give the Old Clothes·         Donate food to people in need·         Bring toys to children at the hospital·         Clear the city·         Plant a tree·         Help the animals·         Help older people .

.. for example, start from your grandparents…·         Be a tour guide to the tourists·         Donate books·         Share the spirit of volunteering