Shakespeare who encounter the ghost tries their level best

Shakespeare is one of themost renowned play writers whose work has been appreciated by people fromdifferent parts of the world. One of the plays that he has written is TheTragedy of Hamlet, a story that revolves around a young Prince by the name ofHamlet who is asked by his father’s ghost to avenge his death by killingClaudius. The play is one of the plays that is considered as most influential;it is also vital to appreciate the fact that it is the longest of all the playswritten by Shakespeare. Other aspects make the play to stand out from the restapart from the length. The play brought a lot of controversies and wasinitially loved by most of the people, but it was also regarded to be regained,some recognition after some intense depart in regards to some of the sceneswhich were considered as unethical.

   The structure of the play, aswell as the language used, makes it unique. Unlike many other plays byShakespeare in which an individual can seamlessly follow the happenings andeven at times predict what action the character will take, Hamlet is hard topredict. The period in which the play was written is also paramount as itreflected the attitudes of most people in the community in regards to avengingdeath and ghosts. The main aim of any play is to pass a certain message.However, it is not easy to pinpoint the message that Shakespeare is trying toput across thus the need to carry out more research in regards to the play. Theplay has approximately five parts that bring out various character traits ofthe protagonists in the play as well as their aspiration.

The first scene of theplay brings to the fore a dilemma among the audience based on the fact that itis difficult to distinguish between the truth and misconception. In thatregards it is difficult for the audience to follow the play based on the truthwhich is what makes the play more interesting as each member of the audiencecan make their interpretation of what it true or misconception based on theirobservations.  The introduction of ghosts in the play is well timed toconcur with the beliefs of the people or the community in regards to ghosts.

There were several beliefs in regards to the type of ghosts as well as theirmission. For instance, it was believed that a ghost could be a hallucination, arestless spirit, the devil disguised as a person or a spirit that had beenpermitted to return. In the play, the protagonists who encounter the ghosttries their level best to test all the possibilities to ascertain the reasonfor seeing the ghosts. For instance, when the dead king appears to Hamlet heagrees to kill Claudius, but he is also not sure whether to rely on theinformation he has learned from the ghost or not.

At this point, it isdifficult for the audience to determine if Hamlet will carry out the revenge onbehalf of his father or if he will dismiss the whole situation as ahallucination. Suspense is a key tool to use in keeping the audience eager to knowwhat the outcome will be. In concern to the various classification of ghosts,it is evident that the King is roaming with divine permission and his armor canbe interpreted to mean that he has come back to fight for the restoration ofthe Kingdom to the right heir who is Hamlet.  Unlike the other dramasmore during the era of Shakespeare, the plays followed the advice of Aristotle,in that aspect focusing more on the action. In the play, the audience can determineHamlet’s action through dramatic monologue. The drama mostly consists ofirregularities and discontinuities.

For instance, Hamlet is perceived to haveresolved to kill Claudius. However, when a chance arises, he does not. The playis fascinating because of the confusion the play presents.    Somepeople have expressed their opinion that Hamlet cannot be determined as a truerevenge story based on a variety of factors.

Any individual who is keen onrevenge most of the time takes advantage of the first opportunity that arises,however in the play Hamlet has several chances to kill the king, but he doesnot take the opportunity; leaving the audience pondering whether he is set torevenge the death of his father.       Thecharacters of some of the people such as Hamlet reflects the true behavior of ateenager thus making it easy for any individual who has been a teenager tounderstand some of the behaviors displayed by Hamlet in various occasions. For example,he proves to be sensitive, loving but also harsh and at times unremorseful.

This is seen when he kills the old man who is described as good, he does notshow any remorse.       Allplays that are written are meant for a particular audience as well as age. Playsmeant for children have simple language and an easy story line that is easy tofollow and most of the time it is almost certain that the audience can be ableto tell how the story is going to end.  The Play Hamlet can be watched bypeople of various ages based on the fact that every individual watching theplay can interpret it based on their understanding and even accurately justifytheir answers by referring to some scenes. Several scholars have for yearsdebated over the real meaning of the word Hamlet.

The primary aim of the playas well as the relationship with the contemporary life has been debated allover the world.  Provided that unanswered questions still exist in regardsto various aspects of the play it will continue to entice people from all overthe world who are vivid followers of Shakespeare’s plays.     Right from the onset of the play,it is clear that the play is going to involve medieval blood feud, with some ofthe protagonists set to revenge the death of their loved ones. Hamlets main aimis to avenge the death of his father. However, emotions take over,