Seeds specially an increased demand. Market Segmentation: By covers

Seeds are the main element for agricultural production and theyare essential. The productivity of agriculture and the quality of product ishighly dependent on the variety of the seeds. So, it is vital to breed new exceptionalplant variations using dominant gene combinations. These superior quality seedsare then further produced and distributed. The improvement of the seeds of the corecrops such as rice, wheat, barley and soybean generally need extensive amountsof time, efforts, energy and money.

Market Dynamics: Rice is the most extensively consumed food in major parts of theworld. Major cultivated species of rice are the grass species Oryza sativa(Asian rice) and Oryza glaberrima (African rice). In terms of production, riceis the third highly produced crop after sugarcane and maize. Rice production inthe world will keep growing due to the expansion in population and the demandfor this staple crop.

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Therefore the rice seed would also rise at a similar pace.Countries like China and India are expected to see specially an increaseddemand. Market Segmentation: By covers Hybrid RiceSeeds Market are of the Types-·       3-line Breeding Systems·       2-line Breeding Systems  Geographic analysis: China is the biggest producer of rice in the world (30% of totalproduction in 2010-11 fiscal year), followed by India (21%), Indonesia (8%), Bangladesh (7%), Vietnam, and Thailand.Rising global seed market and growing use of hybrid seeds, with severaltechnological components and increasing trade activities have driven the riceseed market growth globally.

However, varying seed regulatory structures amongnations and high competition are placing pressure on the market growth in thetrade front. Rice is the staple food crop in Asia.Asia accounts for about 90%of production as well as consumption of rice. Itcontributes to about 60% of the calorific consumption in households here. Riceseed is traded mainly by South America and Africa.

. Key Players: Dupont Pioneer, Bayer CropScience AG E. I.

du Pont de Nemours (DuPont) Syngenta,  Longping High-tech and SL Agritech JK seeds, Kaveri, Opulent Technology, Monsanto Company RiceTec China National Seed