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Scott Baio said Wednesday that “literally nothing” occurred amongst him and his previous “Charles in Charge” co-star, Nicole Eggert, who has blamed him for more than once sexually mishandling her when she was a young person. In a meeting with Amy Robach of “Good Morning America,” the on-screen character attested that with such a large number of individuals on the sitcom set — instructors, guardians, family, team — “how any of this could have happened is completely incomprehensible.

” The show kept running from 1984 to 1990. Baio played Charles, an understudy who was an overseer/babysitter for the family he lived with. Eggert played Jamie, one of the family’s kids. Baio is 12 years more seasoned than her. Her affirmations became visible in a tweet on Saturday that she composed reacting to another person deriding Baio’s help for President Donald Trump. “Ask @scottbaio what occurred in his carport at his home when I was a minor. Crawl,” Eggert composed. The following day on his Facebook page, Baio posted a video in which he said he picked not to react to claims Eggert first made against him in 2012 and 2013.

 “I kept my mouth close in light of the fact that ordinarily when false claims in the past have been made against me they simply leave. However, for reasons unknown she won’t let this one leave,” he said in the video. Baio recognized, as he did on “Great Morning America,” that he and Eggert had consensual sex one time. He says she was 18 at the time. She says she was 17, more youthful than the period of assent in the province of California. In a Tuesday meet on “Megyn Kelly Today,” Eggert blamed Baio for more than once attacking her while she was a minor.

She said she concealed the asserted manhandle to secure the show. Later in her vocation she showed up on “Baywatch.” “The Dr. Oz Show” was set to communicate Eggert’s charges on Wednesday.

Host Mehmet Oz disclosed to Page Six TV he had at first chose not to air the meeting. Yet, he altered his opinion in the wake of confirming the story and seeing the Twitter war about the assertions throughout the end of the week. “My fact is that I wasn’t prepared to recount my story. Also, for me it was continually securing the show and ensuring the heritage that nothing occurred there,” Eggert told Kelly. “That was my fancy, and that was my conceal dependably. What’s more, that is not the first occasion when I concealed it.

I did it my entire life.” Eggert said Baio first touched her improperly when she was 14. “He instantly took to me and become friends with me and earned my trust, and after that he began communicating his affection for me and… discussing marriage later on,” Eggert said of when she started working with Baio.

 “And after that I was still 14, preceding my fifteenth birthday celebration, we were at his home in his auto in his carport, and he came to over and he entered me with his finger, and that is the point at which the sexual touching and mishandle began after that.” She said Baio cautioned her not to tell. “He additionally was letting me know, ‘You can’t tell anyone. This is unlawful. I’ll go to imprison. The show will be finished.

Everyone will be sued,’ you know. ‘You’ll be out of an occupation. You’ll demolish everybody’s life.’ And it’s unnerving,” Eggert said. Baio declared again on “Great Morning America” that Eggert was 18 or even more seasoned when they had consensual sex. He referenced a 2013 meeting Eggert did with Nik Richie of in which she said she had intercourse with Baio after “Charles in Charge,” when she would have been 18 or more established, Baio said.

 Richie, who imparts an administrator to Eggert, said in an announcement to Kelly that Eggert separated a while later. “Nicole was distressed after the meeting and off air she was a passionate wreck,” Richie said in his announcement. “She revealed to me it was much more regrettable than she portrayed on air.

” At the point when Robach rehashed Eggert’s declaration that she believed she needed to lie about what was happening to ensure the show, Baio shot back. When Eggert’s charge that she was underage when they engaged in sexual relations “was turned out to be 100 percent false,” he stated, she thought of another tale about something occurring between them once per week for a considerable length of time. “I’m endeavoring to make sense of which times she’s lying and which time she’s not lying since her story appears to change a considerable amount.

Furthermore, I can’t stay aware of it, sincerely,” Baio said. “What occurred with you and Nicole when she was 14, 15, 16?” Robach inquired. “Literally nothing,” Baio said. He said “Charles in Charge” was a standout amongst the “best time things I’ve ever done” and called Eggert a “skilled young lady.” “Everyone enjoyed each other, everyone got along,” he said. Robach: “Not much?” Baio: “It was unimaginable. Since ..

a youngster on a set, you’re either in school or you’re on set. Robach: “You were never alone with her?” Baio: “No. Unless I was in a scene with her. ..

. never. It’s unimaginable.

” Robach: “You never observed her off the set?” Baio: “Off the set? I saw her in the studio a considerable measure, better believe it, off the set.” Robach: “She said your carport in one of her tweets …” Baio: “I have no clue what that implies. I have no clue. You can’t keep making up various things.” Eggert revealed to Kelly that Baio’s on-set conduct toward her incorporated “a considerable measure of grabbing, a ton of petting, a great deal of pulling me on his lap, attempting to sneak kisses in the back, which other cast individuals saw.

” Robach revealed to Baio that another “Charles in Charge” cast part, Alexander Polinsky, who played Eggert’s sibling on the show, has said he saw “unseemly nestling” amongst him and Eggert on set. Performer Adam Carl, who supposedly showed up on the show, tweeted at Eggert throughout the end of the week, expressing: “When I chipped away at Charles in Charge in ’88, I sat with you while you cried about that harsh a**hole. I know you’re coming clean and I’m so happy to see you standing up.” “Are they lying, as well,” Robach asked Baio.

 “I don’t recognize what they’re stating. I have no clue. I don’t know why they’re stating it,” he said.

 “There are such a significant number of individuals on that set. No one said anything until …

what’s more, incidentally, Nicole and I were companions after our exclusive sexual experience where she, she, forcefully searched me out in light of the fact that she needed me to be her first so she would be beneficial for her sweetheart, those are her words.” “She lured you. what’s more, you remain by that?” Robach inquired. Completely, Baio said.

 “You weren’t pulled in to her, you didn’t search her out?” Robach inquired. “By no means. In no way, shape or form,” he said. Baio has proposed that Eggert go to the police with her assertions.

 On Tuesday, Eggert revealed to Kelly that Baio “may very well get what he wishes for,” yet said she hasn’t chosen what to do. Baio disclosed to Robach he’s not worried “over something I didn’t do. What’s more, as opposed to take your case to online networking, where individuals tend to thump individuals like me, for what reason not do it through the best possible channels … since you put claims that way and it winds up noticeably like out of control fire.

” He said the claims are influencing his notoriety for being well as his significant other and 10-year-old little girl who “does not should catch wind of this from companions at school, these false affirmations. “Her activity isn’t to shield me. My activity is to shield my girl. Her activity is to be 10-years of age, and that is the reason this must stop.”