Scientific regarding their definitive treatment plan and oral submucous

Scientific knowledge has enabled us to derivetherapy for different disorders.

 But many diseases still need attention regarding their definitivetreatment plan and oral submucous fibrosis is among those diseases.It is a condition having higherpropensity towards malignancy(1).The habit of areca nut chewing plays a deastating role in diseaseinitiation and progression especially to those individuals who have southeastAsian origin(2).

Chief sites affected are cheek mucousa,faucial pillar andsoft palate. Masticatory muscles and underlying muscles may also getinvolved(3)Various modalities for symptomatic relief have been advocatedbut still no definite treatment strategy exists, because fibrosis involved inthis condition can’t be reversed(4).Initial and extremely important measure to treat it is todiscontinue the habit and it can be done through educating the person regardingthe disease and its consequences,moral support and methods of oral hygienemaintenance(5)Current management options are hyaluronidase injection, intralesionalhydrocortisone, intralesional triamcinolone, extracts from placenta, lycopene ,colchicineplus vitamin and iron supplements.Surgical interention isinevitable  when extreme limitation of openingof mouth or biopsy proven dysplastic or neoplastic changes are observed.(6) Lasertreatment and cutting of the fibrous bands of the jaw musculature and TMJ canbe used in case of severityPentoxifylline isderived from methylxanthine and has shown good treatment outcomes in OSMF dueto it’s discrete effects like modification of physiology of fibroblasts ,fibrinolysisand anti-inflammatory characteristics.Other actions of Pentoxifylline are peroxidedegranulation and release, increase in natural killer cells(NK) activity,tumornecrosis factor(TNF) production limitation and provocation of T and B cells..Hence anti-inflammatory and immuneregulating actions of pentoxifylline may have therapeutic advantages  for OSMF management.(7)The purpose of my study is to evaluatethe efficacy of this relatively newer drug in the managementof OSMF.