Schedule tell us as the people in the world

Schedule 1 of the
Controlled Substances Act is legislation essential to keep drugs with high
abuse potential and no medical benefit out of the hands of common people.  I believe that its purpose is to serve as It
serves as a guard and therefore is essential. 
However, in 1972 marijuana was placed in the Schedule 1 category the
Controlled Substances Act, consequently deeming it illegal for use for medical
reasons categorizing it as a drug. This would make it illegal not only for
people to use for medical reasons but also, criminal for physicians to
prescribe it to their patients. 
President Nixon actually caused marijuana to be viewed in a negative
light not only by the United States, but the entire world (Sarich 2014).  This was fine during a time when maybe a lot
less was truly known about marijuana and its short-term and long-term effects,
but the problem is that here we are, close to fifty years removed from that
presidency. I believe that there were many doctors that were recommending that
their patients use the marijuana and it be legal and the doctors were given justifiable
medical reasons that were supported by the science facts that were being
discovered. However, these were true facts and doctors had proof top back it up
but it remained on the schedule 1 and remained as an illegal drug regardless of
the findings from medical professionals. Through all we recognize about marijuana,
its classification has not been altered. I  think this is a sad reality because the
government officials tell us as the people in the world to trust the doctors
and believe in the science and technology that continues to evolve yet, they
are punishing the patients and the doctors for the illegal use of weed no
matter if they have been given a reason by the doctors for their condition definitely
trust that it is incorrect for the government to take legal action against those
who can prove they use marijuana for medical reasons, and they should be using
other approaches to keep marijuana under control than just prosecuting those
using it in a controlled way.