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Sarah MohamedAlBastaki 20171380015 Dr. Vijaya KumarGudepTQM601 / Planningand Continuous ImprovementJanuary 9th,2018  Introduction to Total Quality Management(TQM)  TQM is considered as a managementphilosophy which includes and joins all business, processes, and systems of anorganization into one sector. As an example, according to Ilies, he definedtotal quality management’s function as to come up with conditions that work canbe done better and in a perfect way, and that they can adopt it from thebeginning of their process or work and use it through out the steps and phases.So, he aimed to satisfy customers more, and to develop the staff that work andcarry the workload in order to achieve better processing. Moreover, he insistedthat organizations should highlight the costs of poor quality and how it mayaffect their companies’ in a very negative way, and how it can somehow reflecta bad outcome on the companies and their revenues. Keeping also in mind theimportance on analyzing activities and processes according to the environment,customers, and culture in order to overcome any obstacles that might face them.

Those processes and activities that has been already established, should alsobe corrected and adjusting according to changing situations and conditions, allin order to aim for the best quality and customers’ satisfaction. As anexample, in this assignment I will discuss the TQM in Emirates’ airlinecompany.  TotalQuality Management in Emirates’ Airline First of all, I will introduce you toEmirates’ Airline company, it was started by United Arab Emirates governmentback in 1985. Today, its considered as one of the best airline companiesworldwide covering almost 56 countries. It has a huge number of employeescounted for around 40,000 and it departures from many worldwide airports. Yet,in order to achieve further success and maintain their high level of service,its important for the to think precisely and wisely regarding their upcomingdecisions.

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 Emirates airline developed the totalquality management method by developing concepts which focus at the core of theirwell-defined and integrated approach to help them provide the highest qualityproducts and services and to assure that their products and services areconducted in a very professional way with high standards and qualities. Theyalso kept a new goal that targeted the Emirates Group Security in which theycan improve themselves day by day, which will eventually lead to better outcomesin the future. This is achieved by each and every person is concerned about thedevelopment of the company he or she works in and that when a leader isnominated is surely a quality control circle leader, along with his or her teammembers Moreover, based on what is mentioned earlier,they come up with a sector that dealt with issues like that, named the QualityAssurance division. It is responsible for making sure and monitoring all theother departments in the company that they are all working and following theQuality Management System which is considered an international very strict,standard and rules that is set and written the government. It is developed tothe a well  known standard known as theISO 9001:2000 standards.   In addition, another unit named as theSecurity Planning unit is also a part of the company. This unit helps in comingup and developing all the security plans, systems, way of doing things, andways or methods by which things are being done.

Furthermore, it contains allthe possible processes that are involved in some building projects startingfrom the very beginning stages which is planning to the advanced and latestages along with providing a good support service to the well known Emirates’group wide security program to make sure that all work is done on time with thebest standards and quality. On the other hand, the QualityAssurance and Planning Team had many main responsibilities they were asked todo such as: being assured that they should stay compliant with whatever theNational or International Regulatory authorities in the country say or ask for.Moreover, its important to make sure too that a document control along with arecord management system is developed with high standards. Internal qualityaudits should also be taken in consideration and also to check if there wereany spot inspections that could be missed. Increase awareness about the qualitymanagement to all training employees, those who are new or are already workingin the company for few years or months.      Comparing the Total Quality Management Philosophies Deming vs. Crosby vs.

Emirates AirlinePhilosophies: W Edward Deming Philips Crosby Emirates Airline Come up with a reason of how to improve an existing product or service in a specific company throughout its career. He assured that the management is a long term process that should be done well. They also aimed to do high standard and quality products and services for the long term. Follow a new philosophy. Form cross-departmental quality teams. They agreed with Crosby, as they came up with a department that has a main function of controlling and watching over other departments.

Discontinue dependence on mass inspection. List the problem that faced and might face in the future. They focused on the satisfaction of business class traveler as a priority. Increase the importance of price tags in business.

Take in consideration the cost of quality and imply it in a beneficial way. Applying the awarding system so their employees are encouraged to give and work. Focus on improving and increasing the items or services quality. Improve the quality awareness and personal commitment of all employees. They all agreed and aimed to improve their services and products. Focus on job training by coming up with new innovative methods and ways. Take immediate action to correct problems identified. They focused on improvement as well as fixing and correcting existing problems.

Device modern methods of supervision. Establish a zero defect program. Establish new rules in the security and quality systems. Let go of fear. Qualify mentors in order for them to improve the quality service in the company.

Train a whole department to be quality supervisors for other sectors. Destroy barriers among the staff areas. Zero Defects Day is needed in the company They agreed with Deming in destroying barriers within department for quality improvement. Never use goals with numbers for employees. Help people to come up with beneficial thoughts to achieve improvement.   Award systems established for employees and workforce.

Eradicate work standards and numerical quotas. Feedback about problems facing employees should be heard and taken in consideration. Establish a system which involves all the company’s departments to reach high quality goals. Abolish the barriers that burden the workers.

Recognize employees who participate. Quality management is an essential key for successful so it should be taken seriously. Device a vigorous education and training program. Implement quality controls to promote continual communication. The agreed with Deming, as this will help by providing a better education to reach better outcomes. The best management team is the one that will adhere to all the terms and regulations. To improve quality, the process should never stop for better results.

They agreed with Crosby in which the fact that the quality is a non-ending process.                 AnalyzingQuality Management Issues              Total quality managementis needed as customer satisfaction is the target for many business companies. Businessesalso live and go by taking in consideration two important elements: firstly:customer needs that should be fully satisfied so they stay loyal to the brandand help in increasing their income and prosper for a brighter future, andsecondly: feedback from employees as they feel that they part of the companyand that they have their own value.              In the case of Emirates’airlines, the fare problem, they cost people a lot in order for them to be onthis well known airline but, in the same time not all passengers get goodquality services in the lounge or at least those who choose the economy tickets.This leads to customers moving and changing into different airlines. Moreover,pilots are also not getting good services at their lounge which make them alsogo to another company.

 So, in my opinion, its better ifEmirates’ airline focus more on economy class ticket passengers as well as thefirst class or business class passengers. Aim to reach and fulfill theirsatisfaction more easily for a better outcome. Get more feedback from employeesand pilots, listen to them, give them their value, and apply the reward systemso that the quality could be further improved. At the end, the process of qualitymanagement is a life long process and companies should be more determined toreach better results and high income and benefits for the aim of success.   Conclusion TQMis a management philosophy, which includes and integrates all business,processes and systems of an organization, creating a quality culture thatrequires from the employees to be involved in each and every step and thattheir feedbacks regarding any obstacles are well heard so that good quality isassured. Thus, to create an organization dedicated to the customer to obtainlong-term excellence.

Therefore, we can say that TQM is a model oforganizational culture that directs its attention to the customers, its needs,and ways to reach maximum satisfaction. Thus, making TQM a essential,necessary, important sector in the world of business these days.                         References: 1.    Dahlgaard,J. J., Kristensen, K. & Kanji, G.

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